93| Blue

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Have become like a ship,
In a dead icy sea,
Through the glaciers,
I feel me,
And I don't care,
About the wind
When my sails are down,
Like I don't care what they say,
When I'm not around,

Like a skeletal sail,
Sunken in the Pacific,
I rest peacefully below,
In my own tragic,
Life worth nothing to see,
I live inside me,
All alone,
Tied to the ropes and chains of insecurities,
My mast stands upright,
Born out of catharsis and self loathing,
I stay away from the light,

Now you ask,
Why be a drowning boat,
When you could be a bird,
Or choose to stay afloat,
So darling here we go,
For my thoughts are just turning low,
It's getting blurry,
And hard to bury my walls,
Under my skin,
So they remain tall,
And I don't move the pall,
And let myself sink in the gloom,
It's better under water
For I'm feeling blue.

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