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"Were you good? When I was gone was everything alright?" 

Hannah asked Keira as soon as she came back from the mall with some unknown herbs and medicine. Helping her with decorating the items into the counter, Keira slammed the kitchen door open and followed her there.

Gulping down some water, she answered Hannah's previous question. "Yes, Hannah, of course. E-Everything was fine."

She lied.

She lied easily cause there was no way in hell Keira could have told Hannah that she met her mother again. She hated this. She hated lying to Hannah like this on a daily basis. But she couldn't help but want her mother's freedom too. 

After watching so many violent things in her 19 years life, if she could help one person who was supposed to love her as she deserved, save her from becoming a monster, then she was going to say thousands lies for that. And, she had questions too. A lot of burning questions concerning her mother's doing. Why did she kill her father? What was hidden in that grave?

So, turning down the guilty feelings crawling into her heart, she said instead, "You were right. We should find my sister and ask her if she knows something."

"You are still thinking about it. Don't you? We will find a way. Don't worry." Hannah assured Keira with a timid smile. But that was ignored as she didn't understand how little time Keira had for her and her known ones. Who knew if she was too late to free her mother?

"But we don't have time! You said the longer she is trapped there the more she is changing. I can't allow my mother to become someone she wouldn't ever want to become." Keira whined desperately. She was sure that she looked pathetic, begging like this but she was too far gone to care.

Sighing Hannah nodded. "OK. I'll see what can I do but promise me you'll not talk to your mother until we find your sister."

"Will do." Keira had to bite her tongue to stop herself from blurting out the truth of what she was doing. Hannah must've noticed her sulking as suddenly she wrapped Keira into a warm hug.

"Kyra...what I am doing is only because it's best for you. I wouldn't do anything that will hurt you in any way. And as your mentor, I believe you will do what's right." She spoke making Keira look away from her. What was she doing? She was acting like an idiot. Hannah believed in Keira and she was flat out lying to her. But, what choice did she had? She had to free her mother. And according to do that, she needed to find her sister first.

She had no other one to trust.

Hanah broke the hug with a smile. "Now come to the ritual room." When she didn't get any response from Keira,  she told Keira to follow her.

"I thought we were done with practicing today?" Keira asked walking along with Hannah. Hannah's mismatched eyes flashed in something as she glanced back at Keira.

"Yes, we did. But I know when you are sad so I am going to find your"

Hearing her sudden words, Keira stopped immediately. Was Hannah going to help find her today? Hope grew in Keira's mind as she thought about her sister and then her mother.

She was this close to free her!

Keira didn't notice before but the moment they passed by the training room, she saw that they were going towards the ritual room. With a frown, she wondered over that she was still weak in ritual magic. So, what were they doing here?

"Shouldn't we be in the training room? Cause you know if I mess up anything then it shouldn't be the ritual room." Keira asked Hannah, picking up her wayward thoughts of bad lucks.

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