Idiopathic Adolescence Acute Neuroregeneration

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Dr Connors POV:

I made my way back to Clancy's office with file in hand to inform him of Alex's extra power that we didn't know about. I reached his door and knocked and I got the same small "Come in" in reply  that I always get. "Cate, I assume you found something," Clancy said as I opened the door. "As a matter of fact I did," I replied. "Well do come in, have seat," he said and I walked in and sat down on one of the red seats in front of his desk. "Well, when the government created the virus, in the children it didn't kill, instead of Idiopathic Adolescence Acute Neurodegeneration it created Idiopathic Adolescence Acute Neuroregeneration, which essentially created a new branch of cells which gave them their unique powers. Well my theory is that when the virus reached Alex she had some sort of other drug in her system and that's what gave her a branch of each new type of cell, so right now her blood is made up of all the ordinary cells and well as cells similar to a Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange but each of those cells have a unique characteristic to them, blue telekinesis, red fire, yellow electricity, green smarts and orange mind control," I explained. "Does this have a point Cate, I already know all this?" Clancy asked, interrupting me. "Yes, well that got me thinking, what makes a purple so unique? What separates them from the other colours? Well I ran a test on the blood you collected from her and there was something I've never seen before," I explained. "Which was?" Clancy asked. "Well, I injected the part of the sample into a rat and well the results were bizarre and well just see for yourself," I said handing him my tablet which was connected to a live feed from the rats cage. On the tablet was a live video of the rat teleporting around the cage. "Alex can teleport!?" Clancy half asked half stated. "It's called Icarus meaning she has all the other abilities as well as teleportation an done other that I haven't figured out yet," I explained. "Well, I suggest you figure it out and do not come back to here until you do," Clancy said as I took the file back from him, left his office and walked back to my lab.

Evie's POV:

Clancy did it. He actually did it. He erased their memories, now they won't be making stupid, true but stupid, accusations about me. "Where is she!?" Liam asked, totally directing it at me. "How would I know?" I asked him. "You're the only one we don't know anything about, for all we know you could be working with Clancy," Liam answered. Great so his accusations about me must me engraved in his god damn brain.

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