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Major gods

Amun─ a creator god.
Amunet─ a creation goddess, goddess of mystery; wife of Amun.
Anubis─ god of the dead; nephew of Osiris.
Geb─ god of the earth.
Hathor─ goddess of love.
Horus─ god of war, sky and falcons.
Isis─ goddess of magic, marriage, healing and protection; wife of Osiris, mother of Horus.
Nut─ wife of Geb.
Osiris─ god of the underworld; husband of Isis, father of Horus and uncle of Anubis.
Ptah─ a creation god.
Ra─ god of the sun.
Sekhmet─ goddess of fire, lions and vengeance; alter ego of Hathor.
Set─ god of chaos and storms; brother of Osiris, father of Anubis.
Thoth─ god of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, logic, reasoning, secrets and magic.

Minor gods

Ammut─devourer of the dead; sister of Shesmu.
Anhur─ god of the sky and war.
Anuket─ goddess of the river Nile.
Apophis─ god of war, snakes and chaos.
Babi─ god of baboons.
Bast─ cat goddess.
Bes─ dwarf god of entertainment.
Hapi─ god of the Nile.
Kebechet─ goddess of purification.
Khepri─ god of scarab beetles and rebirth.
Khonsu─ god of the moon.
Kuk─ god of darkness.
Maahes─ god of war.
Ma'at─ goddess of justice, order and truth.
Mafdet─ god of justice.
Pakhet─ goddess of motherhood and war.
Qetesh─ goddess of nature, beauty, sacred ecstasy and sexual pleasure.
Shesmu─ maker of all precious oil and god of wine.
Shu─ god of wind, air and light.
Tawaret─ goddess of childbirth and fertility.
Wadjet─ goddess of protection.

self-made terms in the book:

rafiq─ an Arabic word that means companion. This refers to the animal that represents the god.
hasida─ a reaper.
khadima─ a handmaiden who works in the underworld.
barikat alshifa'─ the healing pool. It is a myth in the mortal world; a pool found in the palace of Osiris that has the power to heal the dead of sorrow, grief and pain.

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