Chapter 9: Ominous

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jan 10, 2019

thank you for 600 total reads!! and i'm sorry this took long. i didn't have any free time

The four stared at the unconscious "Hyunjin". One ghoul and 3 humans. They all are inhaling the unbearable, awkward atmosphere that started between Minho and his brother. He did contact him but that doesn't mean he already acknowledges the ghoul as his big brother.

Seungmin's sitting down on a chair with his hands clasped together in front of him, trying to gather his thoughts. His hyung is losing his mind and his uncle passed away. He thinks that he's the unluckiest person alive at the moment.

They said that his uncle was murdered and he has to fly over the country as soon as possible to take care of his funeral and everything else. His uncle doesn't have a wife. Actually, he's not even their real uncle. He's just their mother's friend and he decided to be their guardian after her death and after their father left them.

He treated the Hwang brothers like his own sons and that's why his death caused a massive impact to poor Seungmin. If the real Hyunjin's present, he'll also sulk beside his younger brother.

Younghyun decided to break the silencez He clicked his tongue then pressed his hands on both of his hips. "Why am I here again?" He asked with a tint of annoyance evident in his tone, tilting his head while gazing precisely at Woojin.

The aforementioned stared dubious at the ghoul who looks very much like a decent human unlike the last time the three saw him. Well, he's now dressed. He raised an eyebrow and averted his gaze, turning back to the unconscious one.

"This ghoul's not Hyunjin."

He knows that Seungmin's already in enough pain but if he doesn't say it now, he might never be able to so he said it out loud– even though Seungmin's mental health's on the line.

The eldest in the room snickered eminently, bending as he slaps his thigh and grips on his stomach while his snicker turned into a laugh but it didn't last long when all eyes landed on him, the atmosphere became even more awkward and somber. He stood straight, mouth agape in fluster.

"Of course he's not the old Hyunjin because he's a ghoul...right?" Younghyun said obscurely with a frown on his face.

"The human one is stuck inside," Minho said, scowling at the obliviousness of his brother. Woojin already told him about it. They talked outside before letting Younghyun enter the cellar– of course they didn't include him in the conversation.

"What the fuck is that?" Seungmin grumbled. "Why do you guys know and I don't?!"

"I tried to tell you," Woojin said in a soft tone, afraid of the younger's rage.

"Damn I'm so confused!" The youngest in the room cried and buried his face into his hands, sighing deeply.

Something popped into the ghoul's mind. He raised his index finger up, mouth slightly parted as he tries to find the words to say. "I remember inhaling a weird scent on him! So this is what it was about... He's part of the Ominous!"

"Ominous?" Seungmin repeated, eyebrows knitted together as he looks up again. His eyes are bloodshot and puffy from crying.

"It's a ghoul clan. There are several ghoul clans or cults and that one's second to the strongest ones. They have the ability to visit the afterlife of human ghouls but of course there are some consequences and your dear Hyunjin happened to trip." Younghyun suddenly squinted his eyes, staring intently at Seungmin. "How are you not a ghoul? I can't smell anything different on you. Hyunjin's scent was not strong since his ghoul was probably hidden by the clan's power but you...aren't you his brother?"

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