Chapter 4

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Percy P.O.V
I sat in front of a river that went straight through the park and acted as a waterfall when going into the sewers when it reached the road, I think I've hung out with Annabeth to much, I would never explain something about a river! Well maybe I would, being the son of Poseidon and all, but still! I have been hanging with Annabeth a lot, buuut...
Speaking of Annabeth, my lovely and amazing, gorgeous girlfriend, she already looked like a goddess to me, but Aphrodite made her stay back after we left and Aphrodite blessed Annabeth, now she is absolutely stunning. I don't mind, I'll always love her because she's her, I just- STUPID ADHD, but I mean that's all true!

Annabeth right now was visiting Cerberus in the underworld with a red rubber ball since the underworld was quite close, I would have gone with and seen Nico, but.... I don't want to walk in on solangelo, Will Solace making out with Nico, I have to admit their adorable together but not when they are sucking each other's faces off, but I mean me and Annabeth- I'm not finishing that sentence but no, we don't do the 'thing.'

So usually Nico was making out with Will, Thalia was off with the hunters, sometimes sneaking off to see Reyna with their 'friendship,' I mean we all know about their crushes on each other! (Theyna is a thing in this book just not together yet) Jason and Piper were dating back at Camp Half-Blood, Frank, now that his life didn't depend on a stick, usually helped Reyna with Hazel sticking by his side and helped ordering if they didn't listen or they couldn't find Frank or Reyna so they went to her, well I mean the not listening part happened like hardly ever. Leo would work on fixing the sphere and making some things better, while Calypso helped and made comments on it and tease Leo, overall Caleo is on the wall of ships now back at the Aphrodite cabin and I admit, I think that Caleo is soooo cute. Don't tell Annabeth I said that, and ruin my manliness reputation, WAIT, I SAID REPUTATION, ANNABETH ARE YOU PROUD? I SAID A BIG WORD! Anyways, so me and Annabeth wanted to have a picnic and so we did, we've packed up now but she wanted to say hi to Cerberus and being the best boyfriend I am, totally not because I couldn't ignore her puppy dog eyes, I let her buy a rubber ball and play with him.

I now notice the red haired lady peaking over her newspaper at me and the guy with a bow and arrow hidden pretty well up a tree, but the idiotic one out of the three kept running around the park and then stood in front of the red haired lady before tying both shoe laces, he was an idiot because he always watched me closely while doing it, and.... he was wearing shoes without shoelaces. But I pretended I didn't notice them until they got closer and I stood up and turned towards them as they cornered me, the river behind me. Riptide in pen form I looked at them like 'why were you stalking me and what do you want'. The man that kept running around the park was now in a yellow and red tin man suit while the red head was in a cat suit or something and the bow guy was purple, "Perseus Jackson?" The red head asked.
"Yes that's me?"
"You have to come with us," that was the tin man speaking and I looked up at him as he floated in the air. "How about..... no!" I snapped.
"We'll have to do it the hard way," purple, bow guy spoke finally, tin man sprung into the air and as a reflex I jumped over the foot that red head had tried to sweep me off my feet with. I ducked under the punch she threw at me and rolled out of the way of the blast tin man fired at me, I stood up quickly and since he wasn't far up I was able to grab his boot and twirled him around, he let out a girly scream as I threw him against a tree, he hit it with a thud, I walked towards him, just missing the arrow that came zooming towards me, I uncapped riptide and since the bronze couldn't hurt mortals I used the butt of the sword against his head, it left a dent but it was enough to knock him out cold, since he had had bumped into the tree and because of the mist, he wouldn't be able to tell it was a sword, before the other two reached me, I had already capped Riptide. Cat suit lady and purple bow and arrow guy were running towards me, I had moved away from the tree, one behind me and the other in front, purple guy (I really need to learn their names) was in front of me and fired an arrow at me and I caught it, but it was to late, I realised it was a distraction but red head had already thrown the punch at me from behind,  I staggered forward but quickly recovered and turned around, throwing another punch to the girl, she dodged it and quickly placed a dart into my arm. I took it out and turned around to find a girl with red hair in a witch outfit, "I'm sorry for this," she said, she twisted her hands, controlling my body. I tried to stop it, using my powers but I realised that dart had drained my powers. I growled. My strength was working but I was tiring out. I soon felt light headed and crumpled to the ground and soon I was slipping from consciousness, the last thing I saw was witch lady leaving and Annabeth running out, a certain three head Doberman by her side. I smirked up at the three people weakly, "my girlfriends going to kill you..." and I lost consciousness.

Annabeth's P.O.V
I walked out of the underworld with Cerberus by my side, with permission from Hades, who created a clone to cerberus to take over while I went for a walk with the real Cerberus by my side, for some reason Hecate had been visiting Hades and told me she could make Cerberus look like a Doberman for demigods too, so that's what she did, because clear sighted mortals and demigods around wouldn't want to see Cerberus outside of up the underworld, did they? So I saw him as a natural, but large Doberman, he had the red ball I had given to him in his mouth.

When I walked out of the underworld with Cerberus next to me, I didn't expect to see two people standing over my boyfriend while one was lying flat and unconscious on the ground. I walked over casually, Cerberus close behind, letting a low growl come from him, the earth shook a bit, I acted dumb like the stereotype of blondes being dumb (I have nothing against blondes, one of my friends is blonde and she is really smart) I twirled a piece of hair around my finger and recognised the people around my boyfriend were two of the avengers, Iron Man was the one laying a few feet away at a tree, unconscious. I strutted up to the two around my boyfriend and in a squeaky voice asked, "ooo, what's that cutie doing here?" Clint, Hawkeye, turned towards me in surprise, "uh miss, could you please mind your own business?" I shook my head fluttering my eyelashes seductively. "Ohhh... but, like, why is he, like, conscious?"
"It's unconscious, and that's because we believe he's a terrorist so back away please, and like Clint said, mind your own business," Black Widow, Natasha, said.

I was sick of this, I was getting no where, plus, they just called Percy a terrorist. "I'm surprised you couldn't tell I was acting and also, I am minding my own business and that business is with my boyfriend who you just called a terrorist and who is lying on the ground, so I say it is my business, Cerberus, Stay! Unless I need help!" It was to late when the pair in front of me realised I had been acting, I threw a punch at Natasha who blocked it but I was quick and did a roundhouse kick to her stomach, she flew back into a tree and I caught the arrow Hawkeye had just fired at me, I sent it back and he ducked just in time. I sensed Natasha behind me and turned in time to catch her fist coming towards me, I judo flipped her and twisted her arm before using my other arm and punching her jaw, there was a loud *CRACK* and she was out cold, I cringed but knew I had only dislocated it. I turned towards Clint and brought my foot up to his chin, he caught it and flipped it away, I did a back flip and landed a few feet away, he started firing arrows at me until I realised they were all tranquillisers, so I caught one and threw it back at him, he was so surprised I caught one that he stood still as it caught his shoulder, after that he fell back only to say weakly, "Iron Man is stronger then me," before blacking out. Suddenly something blasted me away from Clint, only to hit a brick wall, crumpling and almost blacking out, but I forced my eyes to stay open. For Percy. Tony walked slowly up to me, standing over my barely conscious form, a crowd was slowly building up, surrounding me and Tony, I watched through my eye lids as he brought a hand up with a blue light, the blast waiting to be shot, "Don't worry, it won't kill you, only knock you out, warning, it will hurt... a lot," He said, then, he shot at me.


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