Chapter 21

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Reader's POV
The queen's were glaring each other down while I was caught in the crossfire of their big boobied brawl. I tried to slowly make my way out but Bowsette grabbed me by my wrist while Booette grabbed me by my other hand. Both began to tug at me and with their intense strength, it hurt like hell.

Booette: (Y-YN) is Mine!
Bowsette: No! He's Mine!

I wasn't sure how much longer I could last before I would be torn apart by these beauties. I looked around desperately for an escape until I was suddenly dropped. I looked up and saw Bowsette glaring at me with territorial looks in their eyes while Booette looked at me with a worried expression.

Bowsette: Tell me. Would you rather rule an entire kingdom by my side?
Booette: Y-You promised (YN)..

I held the sides of my head and stood up, looking at both of the women with a tired look while I walked to them.

(YN): Can't you two come up with a compromise? Like a harem? I mean, it would make it easier on the author if you two just got over it and decided to just share. I mean, jeez!

I sighed and turned over while I walked through the hall, heading towards Junior's room. Leaving the two queens to think.


I laid down on one of Junior's bean bags and watched as she played Smash Ultimate as herself as Chompette sat near me, leaning her head against my arm. I sighed and started to play with her hair, much to her clear enjoyment. Her tail started to wag quickly and she nuzzled into my arm. I pulled my hand away and Chompette started to crawl on me, pressing her chest into my own as she licked my cheek.

(YN): Alrighty Chompette. You can get off now

I tried to pry her off of me but she kept on me, pressing herself against me, her breasts in my face. I sighed and.just accepted it and tried to ease my nerves as I felt Chompette's tail wagging even harder against the bag. The door then knocked loudly and Junior turned over.

BowserJr: Come In!

The door opened to reveal Bowsette and Booette, far calmer then they were moments ago. They walked over to me and pried Chompette off of me, allowing me a chance to breathe.

Bowsette: we... decided.
Booette:... w-we're sharing you..
Chompette: BARK BARK!
BowserJR: wait, wha..?

I looked over at Junior, who dropped her controller and looked at me in shock.

BowserJR: does...this make you a sort of dad..? I always saw you as... as this older brother... does this make you my dad-brother?..
(YN): God I hope not. Don't put to much thought int-

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