Part 29 - Shower*

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Natashya's pov,

I woke up to the kisses on my neck. "Bebe..."
"I thought you gonna sleep forever" Calum looked at me,giggly.

"I'm tired" I hugged him more.

"We went to many places yesterday and we fuck, yeah I understood" Calum chuckled.

"Don't remind me about last night. I think I can't face you now" I hid my face on his bare chest.

"You are amazing okay" Calum rubbed my bare back and tangled our naked legs.

"It's so embarrassing" I shook my head.
"Hey...look at me" he held my chin and I automatically looked into his eyes.

"I love you" he smiled.
"Me too" I smiled.

"Then, kiss me already" Calum chuckled. I hit his chest and gave the sweetest kiss on his lips.

He held me close and he pinned himself to my breast.

"We better take a shower now. You seem like wanna do the second round" I mumbled on his lips because he won't let me go.

"Spoiler alert" Calum pinched my cheek. I laughed.
"Whatever,bebe" I playfully rolled my eyes and sat on the bed while holding the comforter close to my chest.

I looked around on the floor. "You threw it that far?"
"What?" Calum smiled.

"Oh God. Just let me have this comforter. I need it to the shower" I pulled it off from him. I forgot he's naked. Dumb.

I quickly looked away. Calum laughed and held my hand.
"You already saw it last night,honey"

"Yeah it just my drastic action" I chuckled. I can't feel my face. Oh God.

"And you sucked it too" Calum whispered to me.
"Yeah right" I shook my head.

"You dont need this comforter. I already saw you" Calum played with my hair.
"Today is today" I pinched his cheek and walked to the shower with comforter to hide my naked body.

"Can I join you?" Calum shouted and I heard he's getting off from the bed.
"If I don't let you join me, you still be here" I let the water dripped onto my body.

I heard a song was playing at the back. Calum must played his playlist.

"Well... I'm here" Calum came to the shower. He only see my back because I'm facing the wall.

"I know" I smiled. He came to me closely and that I can feel his man hit my butt when he wanted to let the water on his body.

"Bebe...." I stepped forward to let the gaps between us.
"Don't go..." he mumbled and pulled me back to him.

I leaned my back on his front body and Calum kissed me on the neck. I held his neck and just twerk on his man. Calum groaned.

Then, I stopped and let the water went down to me. I smirked when he sighed in frustration.

"I want more" Calum demanded. "Nope"

"Yes" Calum held my waist tightly. He rubbed my V-line. I put my head on his shoulder.

What can I do if he wanted it. I grabbed his back hair and moved my hips to the song that played.

"Yes...there" Calum talked to my ear.
I smirked and twerk on his man. He's slowly growing hard. I felt it.

I let my hands off from him and put on the wall infront me. Next, I bend myself while twerking and all I can hear from him was his moans.

"Fuck it...." Calum grabbed my back hair and pinned his man onto my butt.

"Ready for second round?" He whispered and kissed my back while rubbing my inner thigh that close to my vagina.

I eagerly nodded when his hand just rubbed my sensitive part, vagina.
"Good" he smirked.

Calum make me bend more and adjusted himself before trusting into me. I moaned. He's hard.

He pulled my hair and rubbed my clit. I swear he just wanted me to die.

He fucked me from the back door and I held his hand that rubbed my clit.

"Ahhh.. Cal..." I screamed when he reached my g-spot. He bit my neck and leave the bruises.

I have tons of it since the day we're here. He liked to bite me.

He thrust in more and I can feel his stomach hit my back. He's going deeper.

He sent me shiver into me and I just moaned while cumin. I groaned. Thank God the music was loud enough to cover our moans.

Calum thrust out after for awhile and hugged me tighter.

"Thanks for loving me" Calum mumbled.
I turned to face him.
"You don't have to thank me. I'm glad I found the one" I caressed his cheeks.

"Am I the one?" Calum smiled.
"I guess so" I shrugged. He pouted.

"You're the one" I giggled. I do love him and he's the one.

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