Would you do that?

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Going through a hurricane of emotions
I'm writing this down to you
Exposing myself in the light
Hoping you won't judge me too

You said you love me.
Do you?
Because to love someone
You get to know them too

It's not really that hard to impress me
Some good books, or a song would do
But for that you have to know the real me
I think you would do that. Would you?

You want me to be there for you?
Just asked so
You want to be there for me?
Just act so!

For I became someone
Who trusts actions and not words
So reach out and pull me up
From this insanely wrong world

But for that you have to see me
Pay attention to my acts
As I live silently
And everybody's becoming pasts

I guess this should be enough
For you to understand me
Would you do that?
Or is there even anybody?

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