Knowing Tez

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An informitive chapter before the action, hope you enjoy:)

Chapter 1

            “Do demons change Tez?” I questioned curiously as we strode down a darkened alley, I could still spot the little demon, but anyone else even another demon would be unlikely to. Shadow demons, after all, were very good at hiding; they knew what lay in store for them if they were captured; life of eternal servitude in which they were used and abused without a second thought to their well being. Shadow demons were long lived, as were all the demonic races.

We have eternity…in captivity shadow demons last no longer than perhaps fifteen years. Those like Tez which harbored the ability to collect the darkness and strengthen their cloak of shadows usually belonged to one of the Lords; used as spies to gather information from the other Lords. They die quicker…the Lords don’t tolerate spies found among their midst; they just kill them. Some resort to torture, stripping the little demons of their shadowy cloaks in the hopes of gaining information. It’s the equivalent of tearing off a prideful man’s penis; though they can survive, in the end they wilt and die feeling inferior to even their own kind…

“Mistress..?” I blinked surfacing from my deep state of contemplation. I stopped; gazing thoughtfully at the brick wall before me considered a dead end to any normal human. Some I knew, the word normal did not apply. I shifted crouching down to gaze more easily upon the little demon. “Do demons change, nature wise, the way they were meant to be?” I questioned again, clarifying.

“Why do you ask Mistress?” the little demon countered eyes unwavering. I bowed my head lips curling in amusement as I wondered if Tez realized how much it had changed as well…

“I am one of the Nine Lords,” I spoke softly, voice no louder than a whisper on the chill wind and yet I did not doubt that Tez heard me; the shadow demon was mine. “I still sense the mantle of my dark crown, I still ache for chaos but…I crave order as well. I know that respect and caring will get me further than fear, which now is countered by guilt, if I should hurt others needlessly. Sometimes I feel…” hesitantly I clutch my hand to my left breast feeling the thundering beat of four hearts in my chest. “Human.” I said without moving my lips.

Tez gazed up at me unblinking with trusting luminous green eyes, shadowy fog flowing and curling all about its small form, a mask of darkness obscuring the lowering half of its face, like that of a ninja. A forelock of the shifting darkness lay still between its eyes shining with a glint of light and I wondered if that counted as hair. The little shadow demon stood no taller than two feet tall, its tail, which seemed to vanish at will, was a little longer; perhaps. I’d never taken out a ruler as the humans say. Tez wasn’t a shim, commonly known as a sexless demon, but I didn’t know what sex it was. The cloak of shadowy darkness forever shifting, sliding, curling and dancing along its form made it impossible and I didn’t care to ask.

“So I ask again…do demons change? You’ve lived just as long as I and have explored different circles of the demonic before coming to my service, have you ever seen or heard of anything like this…” I questioned bowing my head abruptly for the little demon, brushing the hair from my brow to reveal ebony nubs, one above each eyebrow and a cross dead center between them glowing softly despite the darkness and the fact that it lay on the brow of a demon.

A small hand press against my brow, just as solid as my own, causing me to wonder…”It doesn’t burn…” I blinked laying my hand on the small head before me, eyes widening in shock. Now feeling just as awed as my companion. “Why would it?” I questioned softly, rubbing my hand over the silken softness of what I was sure now; must be hair. “You’re mine Tez; you live in the shadow of my protection. As I wish you no harm, in turn that which graces my brow though perhaps harmful to others brings no harm to you…Tez? Are you listening?” I asked watching the little demon rub its cheek against my palm…purring? “Tez...” I said a little more firmly before clearing my throat, expelling a heated cloud of mist. Tez pulled away bowing its head while I looked on curious. Slowly I reached out my hand again and placed upon Tez’s head rubbing softly.

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