Chapter 17

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There were only a few days left of camp now, and the boys kept getting closer.

Many nights were spent in each other's cabins, trying not to get caught or be too loud.

Changbin had eventually stopped avoiding Felix, but that didn't mean he was speaking to him a lot.

"So then.. so then I was like 'ohhhh shit what do I do now?!'" Said Jisung in between laughter. Minho laughed loudly and latched onto Jisung's arm, making him blush.

"Shhhh" said Woojin, looking out the window frantically. He was constantly worried that they would be caught, even though they were practically teachers pets and wouldn't get into trouble anyway.

"Loosen up, Woojin-hyung. We're here to have fun, right? There's only like, 2 days left anyway." Said Hyunjin, who was leaning against Seungmin shoulder, much to the younger's disgust.

With one last glance out the window, Woojin closed the curtain and muttered an "okay."

Suddenly, Felix sat bolt upright.

"What?? What is it?" Chan asked worriedly.

"I just remembered that I brought snacks!" Felix exclaimed. Chan put a hand over his heart.

"I thought something bad had happened you dickhead!" He chuckled. Felix smiled and headed over to his bag. He pulled out gummy bears, sour worms and fruit chews and chucked them at the eight seated boys. Changbin caught the gummy bears and stared at them.

"But I don't want to eat Woojin hyung." He joked, smirking slightly. Felix furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at Woojin, who sniggered. His eyes widened as he realised that Woojin did kinda look like a teddy bear. He began to laugh harder than he should have.

Changbin looked over at Felix. 'Oh my God he laughed at my joke! He thought.

He wanted to slap himself for it, but he had begun to develop a crush on Felix. His slight accent and deep voice, his cute face and his adorable freckles had caused him to cave in and develop feelings. Changbin thought it was disgusting, but he wasn't stopping it anytime soon.

Another thing that Changbin had realised was that Felix... Motivated him in a way. When he was too lazy or exhausted to finish a challenge, Felix would always be there to help and encourage him. At one point, the thought of Felix alone had encouraged him to face one of his fears - ziplines. Though he forced those thoughts of Felix out of his head.

Changbin was just being stubborn.


6:30 AM

A loud knock on their door had woken up the nine boys, who had forgotten to return to their cabins the night before.

"Oh no... I knew it..." Woojin whispered glumly. Jeongin put a finger in front of his lips in an attempt to get Woojin to be quiet. Woojin narrowed his eyes and nodded.

"WAKE UP BOYS, IT'S TIME FOR BOOT CAMP!" a voice yelled from outside the door. Luckily, they heard the footsteps walking towards the next cabin.

Changbin groaned. "Boot camp? What time is it?"

"It's 6:30..." Felix said with a yawn.

Changbin buried his face in the pillow to hide the fact that Felix's morning voice had made his heart do a backflip, and also to try and go back to sleep.

Chan, however, bounced out of bed and grabbed his clothes.

"C'mon guys, where's your team spirit? Let's go get some extra points for our team by being there early! Who's with me?" He asked.

Jeongin sat up, his hair in a tussle. "I'm with you, Channie hyung!" He exclaimed, rubbing his eyes. Chan grinned.

Minho, Jisung, Hyunjin and Seungmin looked around.

"We need to get back to our cabin somehow.." said Minho.

"Just sneak around." Said Woojin, surprising everyone.

"I thought you were the goody-two-shoes around here!" Hyunjin chuckled.

"Just go get ready." Woojin muttered.


6:45 AM

Team Stray Kids sprinted out to the soccer field where staff members were waiting. They looked surprised to see students there so quickly.

"Well well well, team Straight Kids! Good to see you being so enthusiastic!"

"It's team S T R A Y Kids, sir." Chan corrected.

"Pfft, straight." Seungmin said, rolling his eyes. Hyunjins eyebrows perked up for a second, but returned them to normal.

"Oh, sorry about that. Well, I think that Team Stray Kids deserves some extra points for being so energetic this morning!" The teacher said, looking over at a lady with a clipboard, who scribbled something down.

"Thank you, sir!" Chan said, bowing slightly.

As the teacher turned away, Chan turned to his group and smirked.

"I told you we'd get extra points."

"Yeah, yeah." Said Changbin with his eyes half closed.

Soon the rest of the groups were outside, and they begun the boot camp. Running laps, team relays and excercise was involved, which a lot of people were not happy about.

Felix certainly was. It gave him a chance to see Changbin's muscles. He knew it was slightly weird to stare at your friends muscles, but he couldn't care less.

He might even be developing feelings for the older boy.


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