twenty three

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i parked the rented car in front of my old house and hopped out. i knocked on the door with a big smile on my face. after a few seconds, erin, my sister, opened. she hugged me tightly. "hey you're choking me" i joked and she pulled away.

"i missed you so much" she whined.

"i missed you too" she gave me another quick hug before we entered the house.

"my baby is home!" i heard my dad's voice coming from the kitchen. a few seconds later he entered the living room. "oh my god, you look more gorgeous than ever" he said hugging me.

"thanks dad" i laughed and he let go of me.

"jane, honey, phe is home!" he yelled and i heard footsteps upstairs. i saw her jogging downstairs with her messy brown hair.

"oh, sweetheart, look at you!" she hugged me. "i saw all of your photoshoots and they were amazing! you're so talented!" she said with her hands on my shoulders.

"thanks, j" i giggled.

"so, i'm doing the lunch so you can upstairs to put your stuff in your old room" my dad said.

"i'll go get your bag in your car" jane said leaving the house. it's good to be home.

me and erin went upstairs and i opened the door for my old bedroom. it was exactly the same. "so, do you need to tell me something?" erin crossed her arms.

"about what?" i frowned my brow sitting on my bed.

"someone called david" she sat by my side. "explain"

"well" i cleared my throat. "we met in la in january and started to hang out again, until may he said that he likes me and wanted to try something" she nodded so i continued. "after a lot of struggle, we kissed and now we're together, but not dating, i think"

"who would've thought!" erin laughed. "that's really cool, phe" she rubbed my shoulder. "speaking of boys..."

"what? you and sam broke up?" i asked and she shoved my shoulder again.

"no! he proposed!" she showed me her ring, making me gasp.

"holy shit!" i squealed. "when?"

"yesterday" she said with a goofy smile on her face before telling me about the proposal. "dad cried when i told him" i laughed.

"typical" she nodded. after that, our dad yelled our names to go eat. while we had lunch, i told them about everything i've done since i last saw them, mentioning david a couple of times. "so, what are the plans for sunday?" i asked as i did the dishes with erin.

"i want to visit her grave and then we can all be together for the day, maybe i'll cook something nice, i don't know" my dad answered, scratching the back of his neck, uncomfortable. "i think your grandparents are coming too"

i was about to say one more thing when someone knocked on the door. "are we expecting someone?" jane frowned her brow.

"it's probably ilya" erin said and jane went to answer while i continued to help my sister.

"phe! it's david!" i heard jane yell from the living room and erin gave me a smirk. i rolled my eyes, before going to the front door. there he was, wearing all black as always. i saw him like three hours ago, why is he here?

"hey, what are you doing here?" i frowned stepping closer.

"i want you to go with me buy my dad's new car" he smiled. "i was picking up ilya and i thought it would be cool if you went with us"

"david dobrik!" my dad said appearing from behind me. i made a signal to david saying that i was going to pick up my stuff. i grabbed my phone and my wallet in my room and went back to the living room where my dad was still talking to david. "really? palo is gonna be so happy"

"i hope so" david laughed.

"dad, i'm leaving, okay?" i kissed his cheek grabbing david's hand after he waved at him. i closed the door and he led me to the car. "sorry about that"

"it's okay" he opened his door and i hopped in the backseat, seeing heath on the passenger seat. "hey babies!" i squeezed heath's shoulder before giving ilya a quick hug.

"so, your parents aren't together anymore?" david asked driving. i sighed.

"it's a long story" i answered. noticing that i was uncomfortable, ilya changed the subject.

after a couple of hours and a lot of negotiation, he finally bought the car. ilya and heath were in the car we came and me and david on his dad's new car. david parked close to his house and we waited outside to see his reaction.


opheliar: sooo david bought his dad a brand new car, i'm jealous (ps: go watch his new vlog)

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opheliar: sooo david bought his dad a brand new car, i'm jealous (ps: go watch his new vlog)

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