Chapter 1 That Night

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Chapter 1

That Night

Zack's POV




The day was October 31st 2014. I ran home from my fist day at school, with a huge smile on my face. It was almost 5:00pm, but the sky was very dark.

I used the key to the front door to our two story house. my mom and dad were almost never home. But my big sis Jackie was, she was the one who looked after me.

"Jackie I'm home." But there was no response. "Jackie?" I yelled again, no response.

I began to worry so I ran to the kitchen were Jackie always waited for me. "Jac...." I stopped calling her name because I found her, what was left of her. I saw my mom and dad dead in peaces as well. You couldn't even see the pain on the wall, as it was all Scarlett. My family lay everywhere, the floor was flooded with blood.

I looked up to see a single blood written sentence-The shadows are real.


flash back over


Present Day October 31st 2024. 10 years since that horrific night.


I stood over the grave stones of my family in the middle of Vatican City. It was pouring rain, but I didn't care.

This is how I celebrate the memory of that night, remembrance.

My black hair was very messy and my bright blue eyes seemed to be dull. I wore a black trench coat on top of my white button up shirt with the collar popped covered my pale skin. I also wore black jeans and white Jordans. My muscles were relatively big.

I case you don't know, I'm a graduated exorcist, I'm pretty high rank too for someone my age at least. I'm only 19, but I'm very good at what I do. There are different classes of exorcist, there's gunners, blades and fists. Gunners use holy guns to kill demons, blades use holy swords and Fists use holy tattoos on there arms and fists combined with martial arts. I'm a gunner and Blade. I have two twin pistols holstered on both my sides and a katana strapped to my back, my trench coat hides them both from the public though. All exorcist also have inhuman powers such as speed, strength, reflexes, vision, healing, even though the demons have better powers then all of us. Also, every exorcist can sense and see demons, where as normal humans can't. Demons are anything that's evil and not human.

I was taught by the grandmaster of the exorcists. He died a few years back of old age.

I placed the red roses on each of their stones then left. I walked back to my office in the Vatican. The Vatican isn't the actual one in Italy, it's that one is our main HQ. but but each branch of the central Vatican (the one in Italy) is just called the Vatican or just, Branch.

Most exorcist are called by their real names, but everyone calls me Slayer, since I've killed every demon I ever came across, except the one responsible for killing my family. I haven't found that one yet.

It was a dark rainy night, just like the night my family died.

"Come in Slayer." Said Dan on my wrist com. Dan has been my partner on many of my missions. He's a fist, he's also equal to me in terms of rank. I don't have many friends in the order, but he's one of the very few. 

"Yo." I say and I herd muffled screams.

"Get to Branch, now!" Dan screams. I broke into a run as I bolted back to Branch.

Something is wrong, what kind of insane demon would attack the Branch? For a demon of any rank or kind, that would be suicide. Whatever's going on, it's got to be serious if they want me to help.

I burst through the front door with my twin pistols drawn. Oh, I forgot to mention, my guns shoot normal and holy bullets. Just so If I get attacked, I'm able to fight back.

A Exorcist crawled up to me on the floor, the lower half of his body was missing. Hence the huge blood trail he left behind.

"Run!" He said then instantly collapsed.

"Ooooohhhhhh Daaaavvviiiiddd!" Called a voice I instantly recognized as TJ. He walked in with a bloody sword in his right hand. TJ was our newest recruit. "Ooooo look everybody it's Slayer." TJ said and then laughed insanely.  

I said nothing and my face looked blank. I reholsterd my guns.

"Slayer?" Asked Dan from the back of the room. Again I said nothing, i just stood there.

"You gonna die without a fight? That's disappointing." TJ said with a frown. TJ rushed me with his sword, I simply stood there. As soon as he was in reach of my sword I swiftly cut off his head, and as quickly as my sword came out it was sheathed. I said nothing as I helped my friends and colleagues. As soon as I was sure everyone was ok I sat in my room meditating. Dan Knocked at my door.

"Open." I say and Dan walked in.

I don't speak very often, but when I do people listen. I'm more of the silent badass type, or at least that's what Dan says I am.

"You wanna talk bout it?" Dan asked leaning on my door.

"Nothing to say." I state and he nods.

"Ok. The councils wants to see you before leave again." Dan stated before leaving. He didn't wait for my response, because he knows I don't talk much. I meditated for a little longer then put my gear back on, and headed for the Council.

After entering, I knelt before the elders.

"Rise. Slayer." Said Adicus. I stood once more and looked up at the elders. They were all old and looked like court members in their black robes. Exorcists have way longer life spans then normal humans. These guys were close to 1000.

"Why were you away from work today?" Asked Laxsious.

"I was visiting my family's gave stone." I say and there was silence.

"Very well. But let us know next time. Now down to business, there has been a huge infestation of demons in the town of SkyHill. We've sent a team of Exorcists to deal with it, but they were outmatched, so they are in hiding. We want you to kill the demons and save the Exorcists. That is all, you are dismissed." Adicus said and I nodded and walked out.



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