SIX (Part 2)

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She glared at Aruma. How could anyone justify what he had done? She made a quiet scoff. Changing the future. What a joke. "That doesn't make it right though."

Scioren said, "Maybe not, but I had to do it. In one future path that day, you wandered further away into the hands of Heaven deity."

Morita took a step toward him and said bluntly, "You know the future."

He shook his head. "I know what might happen in the future. And I know what I can do to change it. I know every action, every decision, and every possibility. Past. Present. Future. Beyond. In worlds that don't exist, and in ones that no one can comprehend."

"If that's what you say, then prove that hurting me was for my own good. Prove that you know everything."

Scioren's eyes, which still sent a wave of bumps along her arms, flashed with anticipation. He paced slowly, his gaze still locked with Morita's. His movements were like a hunting dog's. Excited. Erratic. Even though he was no nearer than before, she felt like she was being hunted by a powerful predator.

Scioren smiled like he had already won. "Morita Gordinier is what you're called. But that's not the name you were given."

"What is my name then?" she said. She had told Aruma her surname and he could've told Scioren.

"Morita. Your name is Morita and Morita alone. I should know. I was the one that named you."

This made her pause. "What?"

Scioren stopped pacing and put his hands on the table. "It's my responsibility to name every deity."

"Sure," she said. What kind of nonsense was that? "Is that all you know about me?" She was scared now, not because of Scioren, but because she couldn't feel the beat of her heart. It should be pounding in her chest and in her ears, but everything inside her was still and quiet.

"I know everything about you. You met the deity of Heat when you were eight. It was your dream to be in a masquerade because you hated your silver hair and your gold eyes. Ever since you met Aruma, you have this desire to learn an instrument. Your mother ran off when you were young. You still want your friend, Falor, back. You wish you had Alorza to comfort you right now with this confident and kind personality. You secretly hope that Volorial was killed."

A shiver ran down her back and she felt trapped in her own body. There was no way he could have known this. Most of them were so recent she hadn't told anyone. Her voice trembled when she said, "And?"

Scioren walked forward and stopped in front of her. He was so much taller than her, and while her gaze wavered, she held her body still. He can't hurt me. I'm important to them and Aruma is here. A wicked smile formed on his lips. "There's something you're going to remember for some time."

She saw the other deities lean in subconsciously as anticipation and impatience filled the air. Morita held her upper body straight, but her legs trembled. "What is it?"

Her voice sounded weak to her ears.

"Falor has been pretty busy down in Lihared."


"He murdered your mortal father."

A cold wave crashed over her. "You liar!"

She shoved him, surprised to see the tall deity stumble back. Her hands clenched in a tight fury and she bared her teeth at him. The other deities watched curiously, but made no moves to intervene. Morita grabbed the deity of Knowledge by the collar of his cape. She brought his head down close enough to kiss or tear his face apart with her teeth. With the amount of anger coursing through her blood, she was dangerously tempted to do the later. "You better be lying you bastard. I'll kill you if he's hurt. Where is he?"

Scioren's lips tugged into a sick smile. "Who? Your past or your future?"

"Don't talk riddles with me. Where is my father?"

His eyes hardened. "He's dead, Morita. The Heaven deities killed him. Your dear old buddies."

She let go of him. Her hands shook violently even when she dug her nails into the flesh of her palm. Her heart did not beat and there was no pulse in her wrist. He's lying. Father is not dead. She wanted to drop and scream and weep. To grieve and mourn. Blinking back tears, Morita pushed back the lump in her throat and turned to Corvid, who suddenly didn't seem so frightening now. "How do I find Falor, Alorza, and Volorial?"

He frowned. "You want revenge on those Heavens," he said. His voice rumbled with mystery.

"No," she said. "I want to destroy everything and everyone that had a hand in it."

"You're wanting to destroy the biggest side of the war."

"The war?"

"The holy deities are engaging in a millennium-old war. We are the Dishonoreds. Your friends are Heavens, our enemy."

She looked around. The woman gave her a soft smile. The red-haired man looked away. Morita's gaze flew past Scioren. Leaning against the wall, Aruma stared back at her with his arms crossed. She met his cold, shielded gaze before turning back to Corvid.

She took a deep breath. "I will join you."

Corvid stood up, towering over her. "Good. We would not have it any other way."

She nearly jumped when she heard Aruma's voice so close to her. "Welcome to the Dishonoreds."

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