Elizabeth Marie Blanchard

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I looked at myself in the mirror. Same old day as everyday. School all day and then go to work. Just a typical day for Elizabeth Marie Blanchard. God i cant wait for the weekend. I tied my straightened hair up in a pony tail. I fixed my white blouse tucking it into my red skirt. At least i can make this waitress uniform look a little attractive. I grabbed my purse and i walked out my of room and into the living room. Mary Margret, my sister, wasn't home yet. Probably gradeing papers. I grabbed my coat and i put it on before closing the front door and locking it.

I had just finished my shift at granny's  diner when I got a call from Regina, the mayor,  telling me to come to her house asap. I went home and got dressed quickly into some jeans, a pink sweater and white heels. I didn’t want to go to her house in my work clothes. I took the car that Mary Margret and I share and I drove to Regina's house.  It was a huge house, the biggest on her block.I ran up to the door and I knocked. The door swang open fast and Regina was standing there.

‘’come in’’she said and I nodded and I walked in her huge house. It more like a mansion. She is the mayor after all. I saw Graham and I smiled  at him before looking back at Regina.

‘’whats going on?’’I asked

‘’have you seen Henry?’’regina asked with hope in her voice. I shook my head.

‘’he wasn’t on the bus after school today, I assumed that you took him to his therapy session’’

I babysit her son Henry. He hangs around me a lot but I don’t mind, hes a sweet kid. He has this book of fairytales, more like twisted story's, really. He thinks that everyone in this town is a fairytale character from this book.  Im a princess names Roselina and I was kidnapped when I was 17 and I was taken to neverlanad and im dating Peter Pan. Mary Margret is snow white and she is also my sister in the book as well. Regina is the evil queen.  No one believes it and I don’t but I pretend I do to make him feel better. If i told him that it was all fake it would crush him so  I just go along with it.

‘’hes missing. He never came home, I thought he was with you’’

I shook my head.

‘’I haven't seen him all day. im sorry’’I said giving her a soft smile. She nodded. I heard voices outside and one of them sounded like Henry's. Regina ran to the door, Graham and i followed her. she opened  the door fast.

‘’Henry!’’she said with relief in her voice and she ran over to him. I saw Henry and a blonde woman. I haven't seen her in town before and I pretty much know everyone in town. We don’t get strangers here, too much of a small town. Regina hugged Henry but he didn’t hug back.

‘’are you okay? where have you been?’’she asked         

Regina got up from her crouched  position in front of him’’what happened?’’she asked

‘’I found my real mom’’Henry said and he ran past me and into the house. Me and Graham shared a look. Wait shes Henry's birth mother?

‘’your Henry's birth mother?’’Regina asked looking at the woman.

‘’hi’’she said awkwardly

‘’I will go check on Henry, Graham come with me’’I said and i walked in the house with graham behind me. Grham and i are close, hes like a brother to me.

‘’well that was awkward’’I said looking at him

‘’you could say that’’

I laughed slightly and we climbed the large flight of stairs and to Henry's door.

‘’Henry?’’I asked knocking on the door.

‘’come in’’he said. I gave Graham a look before walking in Henry's room. He was sitting on his bed and he looked sad.  I walked over to Henry.

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