You are forever forgiven.

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"I thought I left specific instructions that you were not to be let back here?"

"You did. But I got around them."

I scoffed, of course she did. She is just that daring, determined and resourceful. She is a truly amazing woman and I loved her with all my heart and soul, but I didn't deserve her anymore. Not that I had deserved her to begin with, but I definitely didn't deserve her after the things that I had done to her in Russia.

"I need to say a few things to you and then if there is ever any further contact between the two of us. Then that will be your choice and on your terms and timetable."

"Please get it over with then."

She looked around to make sure that there was no one close enough to over hear us.

"I know that you know that I am shadow kissed."

I nodded.

"Well, I have found out some very interesting things about being shadow kissed. Do you remember that night in Russia when you had on my spirit ring? Do you remember being yourself again?"

"Yes." Of course I remembered that, how could I ever forget that night? That had been the night that she had given herself to me for only the second time. It was yet another night with her that I would treasure for my entire life.

"Do you remember what happened between us that night?"

Again I nodded, but I also whispered, "yes."

"Well, one of the things that I came to say is thank you." I was confused. "Thank you for the gifts that you gave me that night."

"I don't understand."

"I know, but you will soon I promise. I also wanted to tell you that I do, have and always will love you. And even though to me there is nothing to forgive, I know that you need to hear the words. So, I forgive you for everything that happened in Russia. I also forgive you for all the times that you have hurt me before and since Russia. I also wanted to say that although I am barley considered a dhampir anymore. As I am more moroi than dhampir now... I am actually ninety nine percent moroi and one percent human. And now people know it. I want you to know that I have never been with anyone but you and I never intend to be. I love you with all my heart and soul Dimitri Ilia Roman Belikov and I will until long after the day I die."

How in the holy ad could she possibly forgive me for everything that had happened in and after Russia. Not to mention the way that I acted and behaved towards her before Spokane, and still love me? How is that even a remote possibility? (hell)

"In a way to thank you for teaching me and showing me what love really is and for the miraculous gifts that you have given me. I want you to have this." She reached between the bars and handed me a large brown manila envelope.

"If you ever really loved me Comrade, please open and read this after I leave." She squeezed my hand. "I love you milaya moy and I will for the rest of eternity. Please, no matter what happens in this life don't ever forget or doubt my love for you Comrade. Because it is as real and true as any love has ever or will ever be." (my dear)

She reached up and cupped my cheek gently and lovingly before she said, "good bye my love." With those final words she turned and walked away carrying my heart and soul with her.


I hoped that he believed what was in that envelope. Because as much as I don't want to, I can raise these children without him, even if I will love him until long after my life on this planet has ended.

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