Happy Birthday

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When I get in the limo the driver hand me a note saying

This is the last note of the day bc your birthday present is here. I have a huge surprise for you. I can't wait to see you, Happy Birthday bae.

I smiled and put the note back in the envelope. *Bzz Bzz* I looked down at my phone to see Jay text me.

Happy Birthday stank ❤

I laughed and turned my phone off

*skip ride*

we arrived at a 5 star restaurant called The Home

As we pulled in from the front my door was opened by Clarence

As we pulled in from the front my door was opened by Clarence

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(picture him in a red tuxedo)

"Hey baby girl" he said helping me out the limo and pulling me into a hug.
"Hey Clarebear" I replied.

We walked in the restaurant hand in hand,"Look around" Clarence said. I looked around to notice people staring at us "Why are they all looking at us?" I asked now feeling shy. "baby they aren't looking at us they are looking at YOU".  "A table for two please It's under the name Clarence White." he said leaning on the counter. "Right this way sir" the lady said. I noticed the lady moving her hips to hard as she walked then I realized she is trying to get his attention. "Okay here you go" she said smiling a little to hard. "Thank yo" Clarence said oblivious to the way she was acting. "Of course, What you you like to drink." she asked. when Clarence was  looking at the drink menu she unbuttoned her top button on her shirt so she could show her  cleavage. "Um... I would like a large Coke pls, and Yazline what do want babe"? "I want two things actually." I said looking at the lady. "Listen carefully, I want a medium Sprite light ice and I want the ice crushed." "Okay and the second"? she asked which an attitude. I pushed my chair back so I could slip off my heals just in case it got ugly."And the second thing I want is for you to button you shirt right back up and stop flirting with my nigga bc I don't think you want to piss me off on my birthday." I said calmly smiling.

"I-im sorry I didn't kno- " I cut her off. "idc now you Kno go get our  drinks and I want another waitress" I said dismissing her.

"Damn bae you mean " Clare said laughing. "I'm sorry she made me mad low key she saw me when we walked in, so for her to stand there and flirt with you while I'm sitting here just pissed me off."  I said.

"welp anyway I'm glad you had a good day and that you made a friend. Jay kept me updated through the day, you look beautiful tonight by the way".  he said smiling at me.

"Yeah I had the best day I. so grateful for you". I said

"I wanted to talk about somethings tonight that will involve you in the future."

"okay yeah I'm listening" I said

Before he said anything a new waitress came with our drinks.
" One Sprite for the birthday girl along with a birthday gift , and one Coke for the Birthday Girl boyfriend" he said handing me a little envelope.

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