Lila's Wickedness pt. 1

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Alya suddenly felt her phone being dropped on the floor. The whole class turned to the girl that had purposely made Alya drop the phone.

"Lila!" Alya gritted her teeth. She bent down and slowly picked up her phone.

"Whoops," Lila laughed. "I didn't see that. Maybe your phone as just in my way. Anyway, what are you working on? Your stupid Ladyblog?"

"First of all, it's not stupid," Alya told her, making sure that her phone hadn't broken. "And second of all, no."

"Whatever, Alya," Lila started walking away to her seat.

"Don't worry Alya," Marinette patted her friend on the shoulder. "She's just a brat that likes to make fun of others."

Alya couldn't help but be angry at that. First it was Chloe, but now Lila. Lila is even worse than Chloe.

Alya sat back down, continued working on what she was working on. The teacher and some other students, like Adrien and Nino, walked inside the classroom.

"Hey Adrien!" Lila called out. "I saved you a spot. Come sit here." She played the seat next to her.

"No thanks." Adrien sat down next to Nino. "I think I'm just going to stick to my old spot."

Lila tried not to glare at him. She saw Marinette out of the corner of her eyes, smirking at her, her eyes telling her that Adrien wasn't going to like her in that sort of way.

"Alright class,ay I please have your attention?" Mrs. B called for the class' attention. The class put their phones away and turned to the teacher.

Mrs. B continued as soon as she had everyone's attention. "We're going to start a project. You can decided to be on yourself or with a partner.

You have to design a clothing or whatever you wish to design." Mrs. B held up a hat. "Like, this black hat was made by our very own Marinette."

Everyone clapped, well, except for Lila, who kept glaring at her from the back.

"All you have to do is create whichever clothing you like," Mrs. B continued. "I will be the judge. At the end of two weeks, I will judge your work, and see who's is this best."

Everyone nodded.

"Alright. Now you can start picking your partner's."

Lila quickly stood up and rushed to Adrien. "Hey Adrien. You know, I'm quite a great fashion designer. If you partner up with me, I'm sure we're going to win this thing." She gave him a little wink.

"Uh... No thanks," Adrien looked past her. "I was kinda hoping I would get partnered up with Marinette. I heard she's a great fashion designer."

Marinette blushed at this, while Lila glared at her. Nino walked up to Alya, asking her to be his partner, and she agreed.

"So Marinette..." Adrien walked up to her, leaving Lila with an opened mouth.

"Why would you pick her?!" Lila yelled. "I'm clearly better than her!"

"Lila, please, no yelling in the classroom," Mrs. B warned. "Just find another partner."

Lila gritted her teeth and walked back to her seat. "Nevermind. I'll just work alone. You'll see. I'll be winning this, no doubt!"

Marinette ignored her as she sat down next to Adrien so they could start planning what their design was going to be.

Alya also sat down next to Nino.

"Hey, look, I'm finally done." Alya showed Nino her phone screen.

" Alya showed Nino her phone screen

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