twenty two

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i was driving david's tesla to pick him and everyone up at the airport. he said that i could drive it so here i am. this car is amazing, if only i had the money.

phe😋: i'm here!!

i texted him and parked to wait for them. after a few minutes, i hopped out off the car as soon as i saw them. along with david, there was trisha, jason, zane and natalie. "hey!" i said with a big smile in my face. david smiled too and hugged me tightly.

"i missed you" he mumbled and i whispered a 'me too' in his ear before pulling away. i helped them with the bag and we left.

"so, how was the show?" i asked while david was driving.

"it was cool" he answered. then, zane started to tell me some stories about what happened at the backstage. i was so focused on the story until david rested his hand on my thigh and looked over at me smiling. i blushed and avoided his eyes, so he couldn't see that i was blushing.

he parked on his garage and everyone hopped off the car, grabbing their stuff to go to their house because they left their car at david's. i hugged each one of them before they left. me, natalie and david entered his house. natalie went to her room to rest and me and david went to his. he closed the door and jumped on his bed, laying down. "oh, i forgot to tell you something" i remembered before laying down by his side.

"what?" he asked, pushing me closer to his body.

"i'm going to vernon hills on thursday to visit my family, so i don't want you to think that i'm following you or something" i told him and he laughed.

"why would i think that?"

"i don't know what you're thinking so i just said it" i shrugged.

"well, i think it's gonna be great" he kissed my forehead. "i'm buying my dad a new car" he said and i gasped. i know he's rich, but i'm still surprise with how much he spends on new cars.

"palo is not giving you any reactions" i laughed. i knew his parents because of the event and i talked to them more than i talked to david that time.

"my mom said the same thing" he joined me. "oh yeah, i need to tell you something" david quickly sat up and my head banged in the pillow. "i know about this for like, one month or something, but i totally forgot to tell you"

"just say it" i poked him.

"i'm throwing out the first pitch at the cubs game on friday" i widened my eyes with a big smile on my face.

"really?" he nodded. "baby, that's so cool" i hugged him, making him lay down on top of me.

"baby huh?" david teased me, smiling.

"shut up" i blushed.

"if you say so" he pressed his lips against mine and readjusted himself on top of me. i wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling his tongue asking for entrance so i gave him, as the kiss deepened slightly.

david grabbed my hips and rolled us over, making me go on top of him. i straddled on his lap, still kissing him and he slipped his hands to my thighs. "dave, we can't" i said pulling away.

"why?" he groaned trying to kiss me again.

"natalie is here, i don't want her to hear us having sex" i said laying down by his side.

"fuck" he mumbled. "now i have a boner" i started to laugh at him.

"stop being so horny!" i shoved his shoulder.

"you make me feel that way" he smirked and i blushed. "look at you!" he poked my cheek. "you're so cute when you're blushing"

"don't say those things, it's embarrassing" i grabbed a pillow to hide my face.

"baby lia is embarrassed" he teased trying to take the pillow away. "c'mon, let me look at that pretty face" and after a struggle, david took the pillow away from my face. he laid down on top of me again, putting practically all his weight on me. "you really need to stop teasing and leaving me without nothing" he mumbled with a raspy voice making me feel goosebumps everywhere.

"it's not my fault" i looked at him with puppy eyes. david rolled his eyes and started to kiss my neck. "i really wish natalie wasn't home" i whispered, closing my eyes.

"well, you just have to be quiet" he squeezed my waist, pressing his pelvis against mine.

i gasped. "dave..." i ran one hand on his messy hair, bitting my bottom lip. david pressed his lips against mine. "i hate you" i mumbled between his lips.

when his hands ran under my shirt, he stopped. "are you sure you wanna do this?"

"i don't want to have sex right now, but that doesn't mean we can't go to the third base" i gave him a smirk.

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