Chapter 6

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It has been a month since Electra was seen on Eraklyon. The royal doctor was examing Bloom's body, after Bloom had notice she had miss her cycle.

"Well, your majesty, you are completely healthy after last month's events. Also, your magic has return to 100 percent, " the royal doctor said, closing her briefcase. She was about to leave when she pull out test results from yesterday's examination. "Don't worry dear, the king doesn't know I'm here yet. But I will be back next month, to check on you." With that, she close the door to the drawing room. Bloom sigh, sitting up quickly and button down her light blue dress shirt. She had on a pair of boot cut jeans and beige high heel shoes. Her hair was swept into a high ponytail crowning her head. Bloom walk over the table stand by the door and pick up the paper.

The Test Results of Examination on Queen Bloom of Eraklyon:


Magic is up to 100 percent, full recovery.

Cause of Bloom's miss cycle:

Pregnancy +Positive

Two months along

Pregnant with twins

Sex of the babies:

Unknown until next examination

Bloom gasp. She didn't expected to be pregnant. Of course, she and Sky wanted to start a family in a year or two, but not this soon. She must find Sky and tell him the news. In the back of her mind, she really hope he doesn't react to it badly. Bloom folded the paper in half and walk out of the drawing room. She knew exactly where he was, in his office, doing his royal duties to the kingdom.
Sky was not in his office, but in the stables grooming Peg, Bloom's flying unicorn.

"I know you miss her, but give her time to recover. She wasn't feeling well this entire week. I feel bad for her, I can't take her out on a nice trip where she will be sick and miserable," Sky said brushing Peg's mane. Peg only shook her head and snorted at his response.

"That doesn't mean I'm going to be coop up here," Bloom said walking in, wrapping her arms around her husband's neck, and kissing him on the cheek. Bloom turn her attention to Peg.

"How is my girl? I know you miss me. I brought you sugar cubes!" Bloom cooed as she produce a small pouch filled with sugar cubes.

"Bloom, you are spoiling Peg with sugar cubes again," Sky scolded her, shaking his head at the sight of Peg devouring her sweet treats.

"Oh, don't be a hater," Bloom chided back. Sky put his hands up in mock surrender. His eyes notice a folded piece of paper sticking out of the front pocket of Bloom's jeans.

"What is that in your pocket?" he asked slowly. Bloom didn't respond, her hand patting Peg one more time before turning around to face him.

"Bloom? What's wrong?" Sky quickly sense Bloom's uneasiness. He asked again, "Bloom?"

"I have somthing important to show you," Bloom finally replied, pulling the piece of paper out of her pocket. "It was the results of my examination by the royal doctor."

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Sky asked, his voice sounded a bit crossed.

"I wasn't sure until I got the results back today," Bloom said matter of factly. Sky grumble silently to himself how he couldn't understand women then and still don't understand them now.

"Sky do you want to know the results?" Bloom asked, Sky nodded leaning against Peg's gate.

"It said that I'm heathly and my magic is up to 100 percent, full recovery."

"I know there is an and part. Continue on."

"I'm pregnant."

Sky scratch the back of his head. It took him a moment to realize it. Sky place his hand slowly on her stomach. Bloom put her free hand over his.

"Before you say anything else, I'm two months along and carrying twins," she said. Sky's jaw drop. He try to say anything but no words came out, he was utterly speechless.

"Sky, please say something, anything. Oh, please don't be mad," Bloom pleaded. Sky grab her face and kissing her on lips.

"I couldn't have marry a better woman," he said softly, as they broke apart. "Bloom, that's amazing. Twins? I guess we get one of each then, huh?" he joked. Bloom couldn't help but giggle.
Just as they were leaving, Bloom's vision went dark. She never told him about the visions she had lately. She curse silently, as her body crumble to the ground.

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