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Aaaanyways, here's part two. 'Twas a bit loner than anticipated so I split it again in two (even though it just doesn't feel right reading it as two separate chapters). I wanna make the chapters long, yet short enough that people don't get deterred by everlasting chapters.

I particularly like this part, though, because Karma comes and bites Xander in the ass like a little b*tch :D

Also, I think this is where the title of the book really starts making sense.

* * *

Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behaviour decides who stays in your life.

* * *

"He's with me."

Sage froze.

His suspicions were confirmed, but that only served to worsen his fog clouding mind, hindering him from any rational thinking. His heart drummed against his chest in an off-kilter beat, almost painfully as the three words registered in his head, blocking out everything else. The mellifluous voice filled his senses, sending small tingles searing through his body, to each of his individual toes and fingers.

Even Xander surprized himself at the low, animalistic growl that bubbled deep in his throat. His hand remained around Sage in a somewhat possessive stance, despite his wiggling and small sounds of inquietude. Xander's whole face hardened cast a venomous look over at the leering man who tried to make an advance on Sage. It wasn't that he particularly cared about Sage or whoever he wanted to date, but there was just something about the whole thing of seeing him getting hit on - right before Xander's eyes - that irritated the hell out of the senior.

As Xander, unfazed, stared directly into Axel's unblinking sapphire eyes, he got bored quickly, which quickly morphed into annoyance. Just as Xander was seconds away from releasing Sage so he could inflict permanent evidence of bodily harm on the annoying boy before them, he managed to put a lid on his anger once Axel began showing signs that he was in fact intimidated.

Axel blinked a few times before taking cautious steps backward under the pressure of Xander's darkening glare. He'd returned the look, not wanting to be the first one to back down, but soon, his 'tough guy' act shattered, which led to him surrendering, pivoting and wisely hurrying away from them, out of the vicinity.

At last, Xander felt as though he could relax.

Xander wanted to keep Sage against his chest and stroke his fuzzy pile of curls whilst asking him if he was okay, but instead of doing so, Xander dropped the possessive act. Stepping away, he jammed his twitching hand in his pockets and masked his face with jadedness. Not wanting to think any further into his impulsive actions, Xander brushed them off and settled for asking a question and hoping that Sage would get the hint. "You a'righ'?"

Sage's eyes were glazed over with an odd look, and eye contact suddenly became an impossible occurrence. Biting his lip, Sage fought off the blush threatening to dominate his face as he twirled his fingers around the handle of the plastic bag he carried.

He's with me. What did that mean?

In the instance that he'd regained control over his heart, voice and everything in between, to respond, a booming sound of thunder echoed through the darkened sky. On impulse, Sage slightly jumped, his previously flustered look transforming into pure anxiousness.

"Xander? I-I'm fine." Sage stammered. Why did he always have to stutter when talking to Xander? And so horribly, too? "W-what are you doing - e-eh? Xan...?

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