a dark rider has arrived

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning as you were riding to work, you just pulled up near the flower and walked in to see your boss

Boss: Hello Y/N.

Y/n: Hi Boss.

Boss: if you could put on a apron and go to the kitchen and start cooking the uncooked orders that will be extremely helpful

Y/n: ok

You say as you walk into the kitchen and put on a apron


It's been two hours sense you started work and boy it's been busy, you were just walking back to the counter after delivering an order but then you heard the bell on the door ring. You turn to see Hibiki and Miku in their school uniform

 You turn to see Hibiki and Miku in their school uniform

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Y/n: oh it just you two

You said in a monotone voice

Hibiki: What type of greeting was that? I demand a regreet!

You just smirked

Y/n: ok then

You walked over to her and wrapped one of your arms around her waist and putting your other arm hand on her chin, making her look at you, when you did she gave a little squeak

Y/n: hello darling

You said to her as she was blushing like mad

Miku: mou, N/n-San stop flirting with Hibiki

She said as she pouts

Y/n: oh so you want me to flirt with you then?

You said while look at Miku giving her a questioning look

Miku: *blushing* n-no I just want you t-to stop flirting o-ok

Y/n: ok ok * lets go of Hibiki* so two of the usual right?

Miku and Hibiki nodded

Y/n: ok take a seat and I'll be back with your orders ok

You say as you walk away

              SMALL TIME SKIP

Y/n: order up!

You say as you walked towards Hibiki and Miku table and place there Okonomiyaki in front of them

Hibiki and Miku: Itadakimasu!

They say as they began eating, you looked at Miku who was eating slowly, then you looked at Hibiki who was gobbling down her food

Y/n: you seen extra hyper today any reason why?

Miku: well Hibiki made me enter a raffle were you could win zwei wing concert ticket and surprisingly enough I won

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