Chapter 7

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I had decided earlier on the next day that I should go see Ben for lunch. He had called almost every night and I could hear the stress in his voice. We had always had a rule never to speak into detail about our cases and would only mention the basics. He had been talking about this case for a while, and it was one that had been working on for years but there had always been set backs.

While I was working on my last minute details on my own work, he called and I could hear how stressed and exhausted he was. Something that I had always loved about Ben was how passionate he was in his work and how deep he delved into it. He loved the law but it was working in the county's prosecuting office that he had always dreamed of. He always believed that working there he was doing the most good and was making a difference. 

I remembered trying to finish school when all I needed was an internship. I knew that I could go to Brad or my parents but I wanted to set out and do something more challenging. I had already known by this point that I wanted to go to law school and be a lawyer, I just wasn't sure what kind of law I actually wanted to practice at that point and what type of company I wanted to work for. 

I had put out my resume in several different practicing offices and had received several interviews. There was family law, personal injury, civil, and several others that I had applied to. WIth my parents working in family law I knew what a toll it took on them sometimes to come home after their days. I remembered at times seeing them in shock after hearing news of how children were treated or how couples that used to be so in love were divorcing just because they had given up. I didn't know if I really could do that, and I knew that I wanted to make a difference some how. 

When I had gotten a call from the King County Prosecution Office, and they wanted to see me for an interview I thought that that could be my chance. Once I was offered the job and I actually accepted it, I wasn't sure exactly what type of work I would be handling and when that first day came I was extremely nervous. 

What I didn't realize in working there was that I got a lot more hands-on work with the law then I previously thought I would. Ben was one of the assistant district attorneys and I immediately took a liking to him. He was incredibly handsome and I noticed how he not only worked hard on his cases, but he was always willing to help out others. There were times where others just needed to lend an ear and look at the case in a different way to present it. He would never argue or ever fight, he would just smile and help out as best as he could. 

It was the handsome features and the kindness in his eyes that initially gained my attention, but when he was in the courtroom it was an entirely different situation. The one word I could describe it as was incredible. He knew his cases inside and out, he was aware of his weaknesses in the cases, but was also aware of where the defense would struggle as well. It was when he talked he commanded the courtroom and you couldn't help but to fall on every word came out of his mouth. 

Anytime I had been assigned to help with a case or to be in the courtroom, I couldn't help but succumb to what he had to say. It was halfway through my internship that I had been working through some documents when he had placed a starbucks cup of coffee in front of me. I had glanced up and realized that the barista had wrote "Go out with me". I thought that it was the barista requesting a date from Ben and went to hand back the coffee to him, when he told me that it was for me. 

"Just go on one date with me Mia. Please?" I remember gaping up at him, my eyes wide and shocked. He just had a smile on his face and his eyes seemed to be pleading with me.

"You want to go on a date with me?" I really was shocked. Sure I had always flirted with him a bit and I knew that he preferred to be around me as an intern then any of the others. I wasn't aware that he could possibly harbor any feelings towards me other than a professional relationship.

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