Its here.

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That night, after dinner we had a celebration. I danced with the lost boys around the fire in a circle while Peter played his Pan flute. I only had a short amount of time left on the island and that made me sad. This was my home, i loved this island and my second family, the lost boys. Most of all i would miss Peter. No matter the difficulty's i have had in the past couple of weeks with him i would miss him. Well i wouldn't remember that i missed him. My memories of this life, of my life would be locked away and i would have new memories. I wonder if killian will be in this new life. If he is in the enchanted forest. What about my sister? What would Regina do to her, to her new family. I stopped dancing and i walked over to a log and sat down. I flattened my dress on my legs, putting my hands together and setting them on my lap. What life would i get in this land? Would Regina give me a happy life, or a horrible one? I heard Peters music stop.
''What is wrong, my love?''peter asked sitting on the log in front of me.
''Im scared''i said. Peter kneeled infront of me on the ground. He took my hands. His eyes level with mine.
''I wish there was somthing that i could do to stop this, but i cant. There is no reversing it. But when this curse ends i will come and get you''
He put his hands on my face''Dont be scared''
He kissed my forehead before getting up. He held a hand out.
''lets go for a walk''he said. i smiled at him and i took his hand. He lifted me up and he intertwined our fingers. We walked down one of the paths.
''how is the construction on the tree house doing?''i asked. Peter was making us a treehouse a half a mile from camp. Well it was more like a cave house.
''its not quite done yet but the boys have been doing a great job on it.''
i nodded and smiled at him. I wouldn't get to see it when it was done. Peter stopped walking and he looked at me with wide eyes.
''its here''he said. My eyes widened as well.
''the curse? its here?''i asked.
i heard a swooshing noise and we both turned to see a portal forming in the ground. I gripped onto Peter's hand. I thought i would have a little more time! I could feel it pulling me towards it.
''Don't be afraid. Everything will be okay''Peter assured me. I let go of his hand and i looked at him with tears in my eyes.
''i love you''he said.
''i love you too''i said. I looked at my feet and green fog was around them. I was pulled to the ground from a invisible force. I fell onto the ground on my stomach .
''Roselina!''Peter yelled trying to grab me but i was being pulled towards the portal. I screamed in terror and then i was in the portal. Everything turning black.

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