Chapter 1

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The Black Serpent glides across the dark and clear water, guided only by the wind and the pale moonlight. The seas have been rough and choppy.

Gazing out of the window into the darkness before me, I cannot help but feel that something is missing from my life. I am 25 and do not have a mate. I have myself to blame for that, sadly. My behavior has been terrible. I have stolen jewels on more than one occasion. However, as of recent, I have decided to change my behavior, much to the displeasure of my crew mates. They do not believe one's manner should change from evil to good. They prefer to be tyrants. I, for one, desire to find love. To be a better man. But alas, to not make a fool of myself, I maintain my roguish behavior when I am in their company.

Pushing my black hair away from my blue eyes, I steer closer to the shoreline of England, docking the ship with ease. Rising and fixing the cuffs of my white linen shirt, I make my way to the front of the ship. As I walk off the vessel, I notice two of my men holding a leather bag in between them.

I look at them quizzically. What do you two have there?

Alexander grins. Liam and I just stole the finest jewel in all of England!

Liam. It's so beautiful! I would love to have it for myself. But this bastard wants it too!

Alexander. She's a lovely thing! Why should I not have her?

My eyes go wide. You kidnapped a girl?

Liam. Not just any girl... the Princess Meredith of England!

Alexander. The little bitch put up a hell of a fight! Kicked me in the ass!

My eyes flash with rage. You bloody bastards! You have no right to kidnap a lady!

Liam and Alexander shrug and roll their eyes.

Alexander. What shall we do with her?

I growl. Get her out of the bag and take her to the empty cabin beside mine.

Liam. Are you mad Caspian?

Stepping forward, I grab the bag from the men, tear it open with my dagger... and feel my body explode with fire as I gaze at the figure before me.

She is an angel. A fair complexion. Golden blond hair that falls to the middle of her back. A body of absolute radiance which is enveloped in a thin cream silk nightgown. Lush pink lips parted with fear. Blue eyes that are filled with panic.

I gently help her out of the torn bag. Are you all right love?  I no this must be a difficult situation for you. I apologize if my man kidnap to you without you knowing. I do not know why they did that.

The beautiful young lady does not say a single word. She just continues to stare at me as if I am an idiot. She has every right to, the poor thing. She's terrified out of her wits.

I glare at Alexander and Liam. Get out of here the two of you. Go back to the ship. Leave me and the princess to talk. Go.

Liam and Alexander scamper off, terrified. They know exactly what I am capable of. 

Once they have left, I turn my attention back to princess Meredith. Are you all right, love?

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