Prepare for Trouble

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"Bar fight." Travis replied quickly, almost as if he was waiting for Zakk to ask the obvious. He was the only one at the table who was unfamiliar with Geoff's adventure from Friday night. Travis had gotten all of the details when he inquired about the state of Geoff's eye during his intense questioning process. Travis had originally thought potentially Awsten had given it to him, which he knew was unlikely at best. Awsten wasn't the type of guy to start throwing fists. Then again, Geoff didn't exactly seem like the guy most likely to get into a bar fight either. People had a way of surprising you like that.

"It wasn't a bar fight!" Geoff groaned defensively, throwing his hands up in the air in protest. He wasn't sure why everyone insisted on focusing on the series of events that happened to him. Sure, it was more than his entire previous life had been but come on! Were everyone else's lives that boring that his story had become the hot topic? "I might've saved this girl from her abusive boyfriend." He chose his words carefully, not exactly comfortable enough to say that it was her dominant. His mind wandered to the girl he had met previously and hoped she was doing alright. He would have to shoot her a quick message to check in on her. Geoff felt oddly protective over her, almost like an older brother or something. He was just positive that no matter what happened, she would end up alright. She was probably tougher than she led on.

"Did it happen in a bar?" Zakk asked curiously, eyes darting towards Geoff. Geoff wasn't the type of guy he pegged as a fighter; while he on the other-hand... Well, he got into his fair share of trouble to say the least. It wasn't his fault that his two closest friends weren't big on the party scene, leaving him to brave the unknown all by himself. It put him in more sticky situations than he'd have liked to admit and if Zakk was someone with an addictive personality, he probably would've gotten sucked into a rut. He'd seen it happen hundreds of times before. People would come in, get wasted, get faded, get fucked up. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Then they'd go back into their boring, mundane life and repeat the cycle every weekend. Their jobs never changing along with their drinks or drugs of choice. It was more depressing the more he thought about it.

"Yeah bu-"

"Then it's a bar fight." Awsten affirmed quickly, the teasing look on his eye already back in place. As much as Awsten bothered his roommate about it, he actually thought it was kind of cool. Awsten wished he could have the nerve to interrupt a situation like that without feeling all of his anxieties pool in his stomach. He wished that he could throw the first punch at someone being an asshole. He was less interested in the fact Geoff had won the attention of two girls and was more focused on how cool he sounded. The night he met Geoff, all he remembered was that he made a huge stink about being player two. Geoff's bar fight was proof that Geoff was right. He deserved to be player one after all. He was a hero. Awsten didn't even have the ability to call himself the sidekick.

"It's not a bar fight." Geoff argued tiredly, already slightly bored with an event that only happened less than forty-eight hours ago. He pulled his phone out and ignored the commentary happening around him. He pulled up Grace's name in his phone, which to Geoff's surprise read 'Princess' with a series of pink hearts and a tiny crown at the end. He smiled at the contact name and shook his head. Ignoring the comment about his smile from Travis, he typed out a little message asking about how she was doing. He thought about doing the same for Chloe hesitantly. Did she even want to see him again? He wasn't sure. Geoff slid his phone back into his pocket and tried to keep his mind off of the vegan girl.

"I can't exactly defend you if I don't know what happened." Zakk explained with a chuckle, shooting Geoff a questioning glance. Zakk had heard so much about this story that at this point, it had him interested in whatever had gone on Friday night in Geoff's world. Maybe Geoff wasn't the bland kind of guy Zakk thought he was. He smirked at the thought instantly. The concept of having someone to drag around to bars with him was fantastic. The more the other two boys kept hyping Geoff up, the more he seemed like a promising candidate to get into trouble with.

"No. Nope! No. I am not telling the threesome story one more time." Geoff was shaking his head profusely at this point. With every retelling of the tale, Geoff could feel a part of his soul leave his body. It was so out of character for him to get involved with something like that and he was positive that if he hadn't had anything in his system that it wouldn't have happened. A weird part of Geoff liked it more than he should of. It was a thrill that his old life didn't have; a risk he had never taken. Geoff had gotten so used to sitting in the background that he didn't know what to do as the center of attention. "I've told it twice already. I never want to tell it again."

"Didn't know there was a threesome. Interesting." Zakk was definitely interested in Geoff now in more ways than one. The other boy had brought it on himself in all honesty. He was looking for a partner in crime and little to Geoff's knowledge, he had found one across the table from him. Zakk took a quick hit from his juul, blowing a cloud of apple scented smoke away from them. "But you can't just say that and not tell me." His face lit up at the rolling of Geoff's eyes. An interesting pair the two of them would make.

"He's got a point there." Travis replied coyly, more interested to see Geoff's embarrassed reactions and explanations than to actually hear the retelling. When he originally had met Geoff, he assumed Awsten had gotten over his whole thing against one night stands and had actually picked up a pretty cute guy. He didn't know Awsten's sexuality but had a strong feeling that the purple haired boy was at least a little bi-curious. He didn't press on that subject at all until he stumbled into the mess that was him and Geoff in their underwear. After an intense questioning, the only question that remained was the one about Awsten's sexuality. It wasn't actually Travis' business but he was interested to see if his alleged 'gaydar' was working.

"Awsten, back me up here! You don't want to hear it a third time." Geoff shot the shorter boy a look of desperation. If he could get Awsten on his said, it would be possible to change the conversation to literally anything else. All Awsten had to do was say he didn't want to hear it again. It was easy or so Geoff had thought.

"It gets funnier every time." Awsten chuckled, recalling the part where the two girls had to guide Geoff to Chloe's apartment because of how intoxicated he was. Unlike Geoff had been hoping for, Awsten actually wanted to hear the story again. It was a story Awsten enjoyed. Geoff got the feeling that if this whole soulmate thing ever worked out and he got to be alive again, he was pretty sure that Awsten wouldn't ever live the events of that night down.

"More the reason to tell it again." Zakk nodded quickly, trying to encourage Geoff to share what was clearly an iconic story with him. Geoff looked around the table, noticing all eyes were on him. It was something that made him uncomfortable. Geoff was the kid in high school that always fell into peer pressure. They might not have been in high school anymore and they sure as hell weren't offering him any drugs but the premise remained the same. Geoff sighed deeply.

"Fine. So it all starts off with this girl named Chloe..."

The date or whatever wasn't so bad after that, Geoff supposed. They all had laughed at his misadventures from Friday night and it strangely brought him closer to the four of them. Awsten was still just as oblivious as Travis regarding Zakk's advances, which was probably for the better. He needed a bit of positivity after the chaos he had lived through. After lunch, the four of them split into groups of two. Travis and Awsten had the desire to check out the comic-book store, which struck Geoff as odd considering Awsten's dislike for cartoons. Zakk wanted to hit up his usual smoke shop a few blocks away and being the amazing wingman he was, volunteered to go with Zakk. It would've been great if his heart didn't flutter when Awsten shot him a silent thank-you in the form of a smile.

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