twenty one

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i heard a knock on my door and i got up from my bed to answer. i was looking at the new photos i took the other day, so i closed my laptop. i opened the door and it was charlie. she had a pizza box in her hands. "open it" she smiled and i did. the pizza had a big 'sorry' written on it.

"wow, princess diaries?" i laughed. she knew it was one of my favorite movies. i grabbed the box from her hand, putting on top of my bed before hugging her tightly.

"i should've listened to you" she mumbled.

"it's okay, let's forget about this" we sat on my bed to eat the pizza. "we're fighting so much these past few months" i sighed.

"yeah, i don't like that" she shrugged. "well, we can always forget that with pizza" she grabbed a slice. "so, how's david?"

"he's fine, i guess" i said, still chewing. "he's not texting me, but i think it's because of the show, so yeah" she nodded.

"tell me, have you guys kissed?" charlie smirked.

i blushed. "the day he left" she squealed. "we were in his room, practically kissing when everyone came to check on us, but this time he kissed" my heart was pounding while i was telling her. "i felt like it was 15 all over"

"aw, that's so cute" she squeezed my hand. "when is he coming back?"

"tomorrow morning" i checked my phone to see if i was correct. "i think i'm going to pick him up at the airport"

"i'm so happy for you two" she smiled. "who would've thought? you two, making out again..." i laughed. "you lost your shit when he left, i've never thought you were going to like him again"

it was true. i did lose my shit. i was so in love with david that, when he left, i practically lost myself. that same year, my mom died in a car crash. my dad was crushed, he was depressed and lost his job. it was a really bad year, but after 2 years, everything was almost back to normal.

david left, my mom died, i was devasted. all i could feel was emptiness. i had really bad anxiety, practically everyday i had a different panic attack. if it wasn't for ilya, timmy, and charlie, i don't know where i would be today.

the day of the lie detector test i had a panic attack after 4 years without one. my insecurities always pushed me backward, but i try to manage them. i need to be confident as a model. however, when i'm in love, my job doesn't matter. i get anxious and my thoughts always manage to lead me back to my dark place.

"speaking of that, when are you going back to vernon hills?" charlie continued when i didn't answer her.

"maybe this thursday" it was monday. every year, in august, i go to back to illinois, to stay with my family because my mom died in the 26th of august.

"do you want me to go with you?" i shook my head.

"my stepmom will probably kill me" i said making her laugh.

"oh yeah, she hates me" charlie rolled her eyes. it was true. she was so sweet with me, so i was very opened with her, and told so many stories about charlie, making jane be pissed at her.

"david's going to chicago thursday too" charlie widened her eyes.

"does he know?"

"no, and i'm not planning on telling him about it because i know he's going to find out at some point" his parents knew about my mother's death, but i don't think david knows about it. "their last stop on tour is in chicago, but i forgot to tell him that i'm going"

"tell him tomorrow then" i nodded, grabbing another slice. "it's weird that he doesn't know about your mother, like, practically the whole town knew about it"

"i know" i rolled my eyes. "i received so many casseroles that it pissed me off" as a small town, big things used to spread really quick, so the car accident was a huge news, causing so much impact that my family was the subject of vernon hills for almost three months. and when my dad was fired, everyone was even more shocked, because he still is a huge engineer, well known at chicago.

"people are so weird, like, hey, your mother just died, here, eat this fucking casserole and you will be fine" i laughed at her comment.

"it's a small gesture" i shrugged. after that, timothée came to join us after a couple of hours and we started to look at some old photos of us to laugh our asses off.


opheliar: throwback to my parents being cute since high school aww

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opheliar: throwback to my parents being cute since high school aww

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username: oh my gOd

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tchalamet: i hate you so much

username: i stan this couple so much

username: his hands were huge

charliemoore: ohhh baby we look cute
tchalamet: shut up charlotte
charliemoore: but i just want to give you love and affection
opheliar: pARENTS

username: soo since when they are dating then?

daviddobrik: this could be us😥😫😭😞
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