To be Given Forgiveness

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If you want forginess

You should look at the word itself and the meaning

Forgiveness can be a superficial word

It can be a meaningless word

Even more superficial than saying good morning to a stranger

To say that one is forgiven can be said in many contexts

It can be said in spite and mean hate towards the guilty

It can be said with sarcasm and mean nothing

To be forgiven can mean little when trust isn't in the same sentence

What is the meaning of being forgiven if one cannot be trusted

Being forgiven needs to be something that is earned

Forgiveness is not free

It comes at a cost

A cost that is not paid with a simple apology

Apologies that are not meant are the same as not being forgiven

If forgiveness is what you desire 

Then look at the pain cause  

And then you should be able to see

If you could forgive yourself if the shoe was on the other foot

Look in the mirror and you should be able to see the monster

That is what it takes to be given forgiveness

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