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david and the guys were leaving to san jose for the tour today. i was currently waiting for him to open the door so i could say my goodbyes. "phe, baby!" zane opened with a big smile on his face. i hugged him and he led me to the living room. everyone was there, some of them were checking their stuff, others were just sitting and talking.

i greeted everyone before going to find david. he was in the kitchen, talking to natalie, apparently they were checking everything for their trip. "hey lia" he smiled as soon as he saw me. "can we talk about this later?" natalie nodded. "are you sure you don't wanna go with us?" he looked at me with puppy eyes.

"i'm sure" i rolled my eyes, laughing.

"okay then. come with me, i need to grab my stuff" he intertwined our fingers, leading me to his room and i felt everyone stare at us.

i helped him finishing packing and he stopped to text someone. i took a few steps, getting closer to wrap my arms around his neck. david locked his phone, putting on his back pocket. "so..." i started. "i need to give you something before you go"

"and what's that?" he asked with a smirk on his face. he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. i was on my tip toes again, leaning towards his lips.

"what are you guys doing?" i heard jason's voice. i looked over at the door and practically everyone was there, hoping to find us having sex or something.

"fuck that" david mumbled, i turned my face to him and he pressed his lips against mine. i sighed in relief, feeling our lips in perfect synchrony.

it was like i went back to vernon hills, five years i ago. i felt like i was fifteen all over again, sitting on that bench, feeling the butterflies on my stomach. i almost forgot everyone was watching us until we pulled apart, hearing all of them cheer.

"finally!" i heard natalie exclaim and we laughed.

"you guys almost interrupted us again" david looked at them. "but i pretended that none of you were here" he tried to pull me closer, but i was practically glued to him.

"yeah, we saw that" scott said making everyone laugh.

"can you leave please?" david rolled his eyes. all of them started walking away, making jokes about us. "now, we can finish this" he kissed me again.

i ran my hand through his messy hair, resting on the back of his neck. david's hand squeezed my waist, making me gasp between his lips. "david..." i called for his name when he started to kiss my neck. "we can't"

"why?" he mumbled between kisses.

"you need to go" i laughed pulling him away.

"you're so boring" he rolled his eyes.

"i promise that we will finish this when you get back" i said with a smirk on my face. he nodded, kissing me one last time before we went back to the living room.

"wow, dave, that was quick" jason joked and i laughed.

"we weren't having sex, you pervert" i said sitting by kristen's side. after they teased us for practically an hour, i helped them put their bags in the ubers. "do you need me for anything else?" i asked as david stepped closer, putting his hands on my neck.

david shook his head. "i just need you to take care of my tesla" i laughed.

"you say like it's your baby"

"but it is" he watched scott leave the house. it was just us now. "you can stay here if you want" he suggested. "because charlie is not talking to you" i shook my head.

"that's too much, i can handle her" i smiled softly. "but i can pick you up at the airport"

"that will be great" he nodded before pressing his lips on mine.

"hey, dave, we gotta go" natalie informed by the door. we left the house after locking everything. he closed the door and we walked to the uber. "i see you in a few days" he gave me a quick peck before entering the uber.

i watched them leave before hopping in my car to go back home with a big smile on my face.


opheliar: hi, i'm feeling 15 again

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opheliar: hi, i'm feeling 15 again

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username: where are your boobs?
opheliar: i don't know that either lol

zane: i know what you mean

tchalamet: my bf is the cutest

username: god can i be her???

daviddobrik: and i'm feeling 17 lol
opheliar: oh my god stop

username: is it weird that i ship david and ophelia?
username: yes

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