A Raptured Wing

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Over the next couple days I did the other courses as scheduled. I had to practice the usual such as magic, like summoning and techniques, but they mostly had me focusing on my abilities of the darkness. With Two Across I was able make the whole area pitch black and see my opponents in the dark, and create a fog of poison. I was even able to teleport with the darkness, even control heartless. I couldn't believe how amazing I felt, I was no longer afraid of the darkness. I embraced it and it became my alley.

The day of the trial I was in the grand hall with Saix, Xemnas, and Axel. Xemnas was explaining that even though I had great power with my darkness abilities I had to use them wisely. He explained to me that PART of my trial will be fighting and taking on the other wielders at once...the other part will be a...surprise, to really test my strengths and weaknesses to see what I had left to improve.

"By the way Ayame, I forgot to say, that is a great look for you, not saying you looked bad before, but you've got an edge now," Axel said as he gave me a thumbs up.

"More of an edge than you do," I smiled.

"Hey hey now, you're still just a lion cub, you can't handle the flame yet."

"Wanna try me?" we continued joking around when Ashtcher turned from around the corner. We all looked at him confused, he looked irritated..maybe even a little angry.

Ashtcher then pointed at me, "Why does SHE get to have abilities with the darkness? She's not the only wielder here, even though weilders I guess already can hold their own. Is it because she wields Two Across?!"

"What is the big deal? Why does it matter to you what I wield?"I cut in.

"Because since that's the case you don't NEED the power of darkness, it's already there!"

"Ashtcher," Xemnas spoke calmly. "There is a reason why we chose her and not any of you...she is unique to a reason she has yet to find out."

"Everyone is unique in their own way, so why HER?"

"Did you ever think that maybe you didn't fit their standards, that maybe you're just not powerful enough?" I taunted.

"That's it," he swung his arm and summoned his keyblade. The neck of the Keyblade appeared to be of a skeletal dragon, of which still has life in some of it. Unlike most Keyblades I've seen, the Keyblade also had a curved neck, and it was all black. "This is Fatal Crest, nice right? The handle is the landmark that defines The Underworld and is seen on the river Styx. It's the token of the Hades Cup."

He then flipped his keyblade upside down, which completely caught me off guard that he was wielding his keyblade upside down. He dashed at me and was about to strike until I quickly recovered from my surprise and blocked him. His eyes bore into mine, I saw pure hatred in his red eyes. I didn't know if it was of me, of wielders since it obviously seemed he didn't like them when he was one himself, or both. I pushed him back and he immediately came rushing back at me making wild swings. I almost slipped up until I caught myself and quickly lowered m head when he swung towards it. Then he took the hilt of his keyblade and trapped the top of mine with it.

His eyes bore into mine again, "You sicken me, I despise you."

"Enough!" I said and quickly releasing Two Across as I pushed him back and pressed the end of Two Across against his chest where his heart was and he froze. "Enough with your childish pettiness, and unreasonable envy," I flung my hair out of my face so he could see the intense look in my eyes. I was highly annoyed...and extremely serious, I could see his eyes constantly shifting in fear, of not knowing what I may do. "I will gladly rip your heart out and count it as a collected one towards kingdom hearts, and I'm sure Xemnas wouldn't mind," I smirked devilishly.

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