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Johnny's PoV
Where am I?
I'm tied up and there is no one else here. It's just me. What am I going to do?
Me: hello?
As soon as I say that a loud thud can be heard from the room
Unknown: hello Johnny
Me: hi?
Unknown: break up with y/n or else
Me: or else what? You can't do anything. We just got back together. I love her
Unknown: or she will know your darkest secret
Me: i don't even know what your talking about
Unknown: about how you were sleeping with kenzie while dating y/n. I know all about it. I will even expose it to your fans. Unless you break up with her
Unknown: stop shouting otherwise I'll make it worse. You have to do it otherwise knowing the fact you cheated will hurt her even more
Me: that's true but I just love her
My voice cracks as I speak with tears running down my eyes
Why me? Out of all the people in the world it had to be me.
Me: I'll do it when I get home
Unknown: send me proof I added my number to your phone
Me: how do you know my password
Unknown: it's her birthday. 09/10/03
Me: god I'll send you proof okay?
Unknown: if I find out you told her then I'll leak even more then that
Me: ok I won't tell her!
Unknown: good
He slides me scissors so I quickly untangled myself and when I went to get my phone the strange guy had gone.
23 missed calls from y/n ❤️😘
17 messages from y/n ❤️😘
Y/n❤️😘: Johnny where are you
When you come home I'm going to kill you and I'm not kidding
Johnny answer me
I'm waiting 5 more minutes otherwise I'll call the police
I'm dialling there number in 2 minutes
If this is a prank it isn't funny
Are you okay?
I'm scared answer me
I rang y/n and she answered in 1 second
Y/n: what the hell johnny! I was worried. I'm literally crying while running everywhere
Me: good for you.why are you so clingy. You know what we need to break up
This hurt me
Y/n: your breaking up with me over call. Wow that's low
Me: eh i don't care
Y/n: wow Johnny. I thought I knew you. Turns out I'm wrong like usual
With that she ends the call. She sounded hurt and if I'm honest I was hurt as well. I just wanted to break down in tears

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