Chapter 24

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Ava cringed as Dr. Fran rubbed the cold gel on her pregnant belly in a circular motion. The baby in her stomach began shuffling around softly at the sudden pressure they felt.

"Awe, you already have a kicker." Dr. Fran said as he pulled up his gloves and grabbed the tool to the ultrasound machine.

Ava smiled and looked down at her stomach. She could feel herself developing a deep and unconditional love for her kid already. She had a human growing inside of her and she found that to be the most beautiful thing that god has created.

At first she was scared, but now she couldn't wait to meet her bundle of joy.

Her heart pounded against her chest as Dr. Fran continued the procedure through the ultrasound. "What do you think you're having?" He asked joyfully. He loved to hear the answers of his costumers and the look on their faces when they get to see their child for the first time. Out of all these years of being an ultrasound technician, he still found it amazing.



Blue and Ava both answered at once.

"Oh dad says a girl?" Dr. Fran looks over at Blue who sat next to Ava's bed side holding her hand.


"And mommy says boy?" Dr. Fran pulled down his glasses and looked at Ava.

She nodded, "Yea, but.. I kinda want both now." Ava did want a boy but she thought about all of the things she could do with a girl. Hair, nails, cloths and girl talks. She knew that she'll be a great mother, because lived without one for majority of her life.

"Uh-oh. Well, there's only one way to find out," Dr. Fran grabbed the transducer and gently placed it at the bottom of Ava's stomach. All eyes were launched into the ultrasound screen as it displayed black and white.

The sound waves were heard perfectly but there wasn't no heart beat. Dr.Fran continued to move the transducer further up until he began hearing a steady heartbeat. "Ahh there we go," he said causing Ava to sigh in relief.

When Ava saw the tiny fetus on the screen, her eyes became watery in an instant. "Aww baby look," she cooed clutching into Blue's hand.

"Yea, I see." He kissed her hand and rubbed it with his thumb. He could tell that she was about to start crying by the scratchiness in her voice.

Their baby's heartbeat was like music to their ears.

"Okay from looks of it your baby is healthy," Dr.Fran moved the transducer some more around the side of her stomach. For a moment he paused and looked over a Blue with a small grin.

"What?" Blue asked concerned. "What I miss?"

"You're having a girl."

Ava's eyes widened in shock and excitement, "really? How you know?"

"Oh shit! I knew it," Blue jumped up and attacked Ava with kisses all over her face causing her to giggle.

"Well if you look, there's no penis. You could see the three lines which is normal for the labia." He explained. "Yea this definitely a girl, dad you hit it right on the nail."

"Yes, yes, yes." Blue cheered. His mom and sister would of been so happy for him. He couldn't wait until his daughter came. He was going to spoil her to death and protect her like no other.

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