First argument part 1.

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Leondre- "Leo i saw you with that girl so stop making excuses up" you yelled to your boyfriend, Leondre who was found 'cheating' on you by some fans. The fans sent you pictures of him and this mysterious girl and they looked so real that you believed them. "Y/n for the last time i didnt cheat on you, i would never do that!" he yelled back tears threatening to fall any second now. This was the first fight you and Leo had been in and it wasnt going well. "Just leave Leo. I need time to think and get my head straight" you said, feeling kind of sorry for him. "So thats it your just gonna make me leave untill you feel like having me bac-" he started but you cut him off "Leo listen to what im sayin-" but this time he cut you off "NO Y/N IM DONE LISTENING TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY OK. If this relationship is going to work then there needs to be trust and if you dont trust me....then maybe this wont work" he said, now tears streaming down his face. "No you didnt mean any of that Leo your just angry" you whispered, still shocked that those words had come out of his mouth. "Im sorry y/n" and with that he ran out of the door. You just sat there, staring into space, letting tears slip down your face. Did that really just happen?

Charlie- You and Charlie were currently in your first argument. He was accusing you of cheating when you were actually out with your little sister that day. "Y/n why would you do that to me" he said sounding hurt. "I didnt do anything Charlie, and if your dumb enough to believe those people then your dumb enough to believe anything" you said raising your voice slightly. This was the first time you had ever raised you voice at him and judging by his reaction, he didnt like it. "What so now im dumb? Next youll be saying im a rubbish boyfriend, cus i must be doing something wrong if you cheated on me" he said making eye contact with you. You were already angry with him for believing those people but that pushed you over the edge. "Do you know what Charlie, why dont i leave, yano try and find a boyfriend who actually will believe me" you said, almost regretting that immediately. "Charlie i-" Maybe you should leave" he hissed back at you. And with that you backed a suitcase and went to your friends for the night.

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