Sing Us A Song

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At the end of the workday, Noah and his sons gathered at the family dining table. The wives served the evening meal and took their places next to their husbands. Noah sat at the head of the table, with his first wife Emzara on his right and Na'amah on his left. Next to Emzara was Japheth then his wife, Arbasisah. Next to Na'amah was Ham then his wife, Sambethe. At the foot of the table across from Noah was his first born Shem, with his wife Salib on his right.

Shem raised his hands and the family stood hand in hand. Noah nodded and Shem lifted his voice. "Bless us, oh Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy magnificent bounty. Thank you for giving us the chance to all be here tonight, together as a family to bring about the good work of the Almighty. We are honored to be Thy servants."

Inspired by her husband, Salib punctuated each of Shem's sentences with, "Praise the Lord!" and "Hallelujah!" The rest of the family grew impatient as grace droned on.

Shem continued, "We are thankful to be here with our father as we embark on a journey that will change life as we know it forever."

Salib shouted, "Amen!"

"Amen!" Everyone answered.

Ham thought grace was over and started to reach for some roast lamb, but Shem cleared his throat. He gave his younger brother a stern look.

"My dear family, raise your glass with me and let us make a toast. To smooth seas ahead."

Everyone lifted their cup and toasted. "To smooth seas ahead!"

Japheth saw Ham's determination to get at the food. Just to tease the boy, he swooped in and grabbed the platter of lamb first.

"Lookin' good, mmmmm-mmmmm, " he said for Ham's benefit as he served himself, then passed it to his wife Arbasisah on his right. Ham lost his chance and watched it go all the way around the table before him.

"Oh, the vegetables are so fresh, straight from Skippy's garden," Arbasisah said as she passed the bowl of salad to Shem.

The family ate their fill and sat contented for a moment before Salib called out, "Skippy, sing us a song! Lift our hearts, for there is so much work ahead. Your sweet voice gives me strength."

Sambethe sat up straight in her chair. "Yes, Skippy, please sing for us."

The request caught Na'amah off guard. It was her sister who did all the singing and dancing. Na'amah composed herself. She recalled the song her sister sang night after night during the magic show their mother had taught them. It was years ago, but she still remembered the routine like it was yesterday.

Na'amah stood up, cleared her voice, and rubbed her hands together nervously. She began to sing and gyrate her hips. She did her best impression of her twin sister.

"Maybe your eyes deceive you.

You should take a second look.

Sometimes you can't be sure,

Don't judge a cover, read the book."

Na'amah did the moves. She shook her hips. She moved her way slowly around the table.

"Sometimes you think you're leaving

When you open a brand new door.

There is no happy ending.

Beginning is what you hope for."

Na'amah lost herself to the song her sister sang so many years ago when they were teens. She felt a burst of energy as she danced around the room.

"What you perceive is not reality.

What you will and what you won't.

Truth is all I'm after.

Now you see me, now you don't."

Na'amah ducked below the table to end her routine. It was the first time she ever performed the lead. Her voice was amazing. Na'amah never knew it, but she could sing! Na'amah stood up, lost in her good time.

Everyone watched in silence. This was not the song Skippy usually sang. Skippy never sang the number from the old act. It was burlesque, bawdy, and bad. Everyone was in shock.

It was Noah who pushed his chair back and clapped. He hooted! He loved it. "That's the sort of morale lift I needed. Good show, my dear wife. Your voice is better than ever!"

Salib chimed in after Noah. "You have a God-given talent, Skippy. Praise the Lord!"

Na'amah returned to her seat. She was pink and heated up from her performance. Everyone was stunned and amused, including her.

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