Chapter Thirty-Three: Out of Control

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"You look tired," Emma said sitting down across from Gabriela, she had popped in to check on her friend and she was worried about how exhausted Gabriela looked; she had known that she was spreading herself thin lately. 

If she wasn't at work then Gabriela was often at the house checking in on Jacob and Billy; she was often there and it was rare to find her anywhere else. 

A part of Emma was worried that her friend was going to run herself into the ground if she wasn't careful; she would hate to see Gabriela make herself ill trying to make sure everyone else was okay. 

"I'm fine. Just haven't been sleeping that well," Gabriela said wrapping her hands around her drink, she fought back a yawn and she was grateful that today was her day off. 

The last thing that she wanted to do was fall asleep at work, she knew that it wasn't something that would be appreciated at a busy medical centre. 

Emma frowned at what Gabriela said, she couldn't think of anything that could be keeping her friend up at night; it was pretty peaceful here in La Push. 

"It's just something that Billy said and now I can't stop thinking about it," Gabriela told her, she had been doing a lot of thinking recently and she wanted nothing more than to be sure before she did anything. 

The last thing that Gabriela wanted to do was make more of a mess of the situation and she knew that it wasn't just her life that she could be messing with this time. 

"Oh? And what is it that Billy said?" Emma asked curiously, she wanted to help her friend in anyway that she could; she was sure that two heads were better than one sometimes. 

Gabriela was quiet for a moment, she collected her thoughts knowing that the last thing that she wanted to do was upset Emma; especially if what she was thinking was correct.

"About how the ancestors never do anything without a reason. It got me thinking about everything that has happened recently," Gabriela explained leaning back in her chair, it was something that had played on her mind a lot recently. 

She caught the confused look that Emma had on her face and sighed, she didn't wish to upset Emma and she knew how this might sound if she wasn't careful. 

"What if everything from getting me to burn that necklace to being here is part of some plan that the ancestors have?" Gabriela said looking down at her hands, she stared at the drink that she'd made herself and hoped that Emma wouldn't get the wrong idea. 

The last thing that Gabriela wanted to suggest was that the ancestors had anything to do with Daniel's death; she didn't believe that for a moment but she couldn't shake the feeling that there was some higher power messing with her life. 

Emma was silent at that, she stared at Gabriela for a moment as she took in what her best friend had said; she had to admit that it had also crossed her mind that something had lead them both here. 

"I just don't like the idea that someone else has decided how my life is going to be, I don't want to live my life on someone else's terms," Gabriela continued with a shake of her head. 

A part of her wanted to rebel, to turn away from the path that she had been set on but she doubted that would help; she recalled what happened last time she had tried to change the plan. 

An earthquake had hit her wedding and stopped her from marrying Daniel, she could only imagine what might be thrown at her if she tried to change things again. 

"I don't think you are," Emma told her with a shake of her head, she could understand where Gabriela was coming from but she wasn't sure that was what was happening.

Resting her arms on the table, Emma stared at her friend knowing that she couldn't allow Gabriela to do something that might only lead her to further heartache; she wanted her to see that she was on the right path. 

"You could have stayed in San Diego after what happened with Daniel but you didn't, you made that decision not anyone else; just like you have decided to stay," Emma said wanting Gabriela to realise that she had more control over things than she thought. 

With everything that was going on, Emma didn't blame her for feeling trapped and she hoped that this talk would take away anything negative that Gabriela was thinking. 

"You can leave whenever you like Gabby but we both know that you won't. This is your home and you have never turned your back on people that need you," Emma continued hoping to get through to her friend. 

She feared what might happen if she didn't talk some sense into her; she had no idea where Gabriela might have been going with any of this. 

Gabriela offered her a small smile, she was glad that she had talked to Emma about all of this and not someone else; she had no intentions of leaving but she wanted some control of her life back. 

Things seemed to be moving so quickly and Gabriela felt like she was being pushed in one direction; a part of her wondering if she had any chance of resisting. 

"I don't want to leave. I just feel trapped in someone else's plan for me," Gabriela reasoned closing her eyes, she wasn't sure what it was but she had a feeling that if she didn't break free then it was only going to end in tragedy. 

Emma nodded at that, she could only imagine how confusing these last months had been for Gabriela; her entire life plan had gone out of the window and now she was having to find her place. 

It had been easier for Emma because she was Embry's imprint but there had been no name for what Gabriela was for Jacob; no one seemed to talk about it.

There had been no explanation on why they were connected, only that it was something that the ancestors had planned and it had broken the imprint that they had all assumed that he shared with Nessie. 

Emma wished that she had answers for Gabriela, she was left in limbo while they dealt with the vampire issue and she had done her best to make a life for herself while they handled that. 

"I wish I had more answers for you," Emma mumbled leaning back in her chair, she looked around the kitchen where they were sitting knowing that no answers would jump out for her here. 

The two of them were silent as they thought about the situation that Gabriela found herself in and their conversation; it was a lot for them to consider. 

Taking a deep breath, Gabriela looked at Emma knowing that she had to be completely honest with her friend; she owed her that much and maybe she'd be able to help her in some way. 

"I think I am falling for Jacob," Gabriela admitted awkwardly, she had noticed her feeling in the past few days when she had been looking after him after he had been attacked. 

She hadn't realised that they were there and the more that she thought about it, the more worried she became; she wasn't sure how to handle any of this. 

After everything that had happened, Gabriela didn't want to end up hurt again and she knew that while the vampire was on the lose that there was still a danger that seemed to be following her. 

Emma smiled at that, she had noticed that things had started to change for her friend and she had wondered if her growing feelings for Jacob had anything to do with this talk. 

Gabriela had been her best friend for years and she wanted her to be happy, she had worried after what had happened with Daniel that Gabriela might be more resistant to the idea of falling in love again. 

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