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Mom Irene: Hey joy

Joy: yes...?

Mom Irene: I haven't heard from you yet

Joy: Oh im doing great! Why'd you asked?

Mom Irene: Im not asking

Joy: Of course..
Anyway when are you going back to Seoul?

Mom Irene: Soon maybe?

Joy: Make sure you pack all your stuffs

Mom Irene: Yes mom

Joy: funny, because you're the mom one

Mom Irene: hahahaha.

Joy: You know.. It would be nice if you date someone, girl you've been a jerk nowadays lol

Mom Irene: Im not a jerk.
Im kinda dating someone?

Joy: Oh is she coming to Seoul with you?😱

Mom Irene: Sadly no.. i havent mention it, and why am i going to bring her with me? We just started dating.

Joy: You should tell her, Now that you're going back to Seoul.. you dont want to leave her with a heartbreak do ya?

Mom Irene: Ughh joy you're making me guilty

Joy: Oh so you were going to leave her?
How rude of you

Mom Irene: No.. I like her too much.

Joy: you know you can both do long distance relationship.

Mom Irene: I cant, guess im going with heartbreak.. i dont have time.

Joy: Your choice then

Mom Irene: Anyway im texting some girl shes Korean too..
She's pretty ya know
Thats about it

Joy: What happened to no time? Lol
I mean, woah thats big news!!

Mom Irene: oh shut up, its nothing

Joy: Its more than 'nothing'
Text her now instead of texting me!

Mom Irene: No need to say idiot
I know ill text her

Joy: You better be! now go get yo gurl =')
I mean chat your new korean friend.


Baechu😊: Hey gay

Seulgay💗: oh hey bae

Baechu😊: so you're in Seoul right?

Seulgay💗: yeah why'd you asked?

Baechu😊: Nothing.. i just wanted to know

Seulgay💗: okay..
So you finished your chores? Haha

Baechu😊: Not funny, I was texting my other friend earlier.

Seulgay💗: Oh does she like girls? I need someone right now

Baechu😊: Shes off limits buddy!

Seulgay💗: Chill i was just kidding

Baechu😊: sure you were 😑
Bye bear

Seulgay💗: Nooo dont go!
I need you!
Im lonely..
I have no one to talk to
Dont leave..
I meant bae

Baechu😊: ok fine
Glad to know that you wanted me

Seulgay💗: 😑

Baechu😊: aww babyyyy

Seulgay💗: shut up

Baechu😊: Never

Seulgay💗: I hate you bae

Baechu😊: You'll get used to me

Seulgay💗: Lucky me..

Baechu😊: You sure are!

Seulgay💗: Yep I am!

Seulgay💗: Anyway i gotta go..
I still have class going on

Baechu😊: Fine Ttyl

Seulgay💗: Bye Baee

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