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 When i woke up the next morning and peter wasn’t in bed. I got out of bed and i changed into a  lavender dress with a cream satin ribbion on the top, just below my breasts. I let me hair fall in curls down my back, i put a white cloak on over my sholders. I think im goint to go to the meadow today and make flower crowns. Im really good at flower crowns. My mother taught snow and i to make them with me when we were little. Now i have no one to share them with but i still love to make them.  I walked out and saw peter was talking to a some of lost boys and his face was angry. He looked stressed and he ran his fingers threw his chesnut hair and he walked away from them and over to me.

‘’what is it?’’ i asked.

‘’its nothing’’he said with no emotion in his voice. But I knew he was lying. He looked stressed and worried.  He tried walking away but I grabbed his arm and stopped him, making him turn back to me.

‘’im not stupid peter. What is wrong?’’I asked rubbing his arm trying to get him to calm down and tell me.

‘’it’s a old enemy rose its nothing’’he said but I could tell there was something in his voice that he didn’t like this person.

''I was going to go to the meadow to pick flowers. I want to make some flower crowns, want to join me?''i asked.

''I have some things to do. But i will see you later''peter said. I nodded and peaked his cheek before walking away from him. I grabbed a bamboo basket and I walked down the path to the meadow. It didnt take that long to get there. I picked some flowers. Most of them wern't in bloom yet but there was some that i was able to pick. After my basket was half full i sat in the grass and started making the crowns. I was there about a hour or 2 and i made 2 crowns. I put one on. The flowers where white and a soft pink. I put the other one in the basket with the remainder of the flowers and i got up from the soft grass and i went to the path that lead back to the camp. When i got back to the camp the lost boys where doing throwing competitions. I saw peter sitting on a log, sharpening some arrow. I walked over to him and sat down.

''Did you have fun at the meadow?''peter asked not looking at me.

''yes.''i said. He seemed angry and stressed. I watched as his muscles worked as he sharpened the arrow. His strokes where hard and fast.

‘’I have something for you’’he said speaking up. He set the arrow down on the log and he stood up, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. He interlocked out fingers and he lead me to our tent. He held the door flap up for me to walk in. I walked in and i went to the dinning table adn sat down on the chair, crossing my legs.

''what is it?''i asked. He crossed the room and to a small table by our bed. He opened the drawer and pulled out my tiara. My mother gave it to me.  I had lost it and i had freaked out for weeks. I felt so guilty when i lost it.

''how did you find it!''i asked. Peter handed me the tiara. I was almost in tears seeing the tiara again.

''I found it in one of the chests. I know you have been looking for it for months''

‘’thank you, peter’’I said  getting up and kissing his lips. We let go and he grinned down at me. He took the tiara and put it on my head, onto of my flower crown. I looked into his eyes and my mind went to why he was so angry today.

‘’whats wrong love?’’he asked realizing that i was lost in thought.

‘’who is this enemy peter? Why are you so angry today?’’I asked and he signed and sat down on the bed. I walked over to him and sat down next to him.

‘’your step mother, Regina, is using the dark curse that will make everyone in the enchanted forest forget who they are and send them to a land without magic’’

Regina would do that? I know why, to get revenge on snow for what she did when she was little. She had ruined Regina's  life by telling her mother Cora about Regina's love affair with a stable boy, causing him to be killed. Regina has always hated her for that.

‘’Even my father and my sister?’’I asked

‘’your sister is married and is pregnant and the child will be the savior and will break the curse when she is 28 years old. But your father rose..hes dead’’

Tears came to my eyes. My father was dead. I put my hand on my mouth and tears fell down my face.

‘’im so sorry’’he said taking me in fro a hug and I gripped to his shirt. I cried for a couple of minutes and then I recovered and I let go of peter. I wiped my eyes. My father was dead and i wasnt there for it. I wasn't there for him in his last hours. I was a orphan. I put my emotions aside.

‘’why were you so upset about it? It doesn't effect us dose it?’’I asked and he looked at me with sadness.

‘’She might make the curse affect to you’’

‘’what?!’’I said standing up. I cant leave neverland. How dose she even know that i am alive? its been years since i was kidnapped. Well i think years, its hard to tell time her.

He stood up and took my hands in his.

‘’is there something you can do? you have magic’’I suggested and he shook his head.

‘’there isn’t anything I can do. The curse is casted and it will happen. Even if I put a protection spell on you it wouldn’t work. She already wrote your story’’

Tears fell down my face and I hugged peter, gripping his neck tight.

‘’im so sorry’’ he said kissing my head.

‘’its not your fault, peter’’I said

I didn’t want to leave neverland. This was my home. Who knows what this other world will be like. I will have completely different memories, a different life.

‘’remember when I first got here and all I wanted to do was leave? Now all I want to do is stay here’’

He pulled me from our hug and he put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

‘’I will get you back. No matter what’’

Authors note:

 *Oh no the curse is coming! I will try to get the next chapter up tonight but im still trying to work out what i want to do for the next couple of chapters.  When i originally wrote out this story i actually skipped season 1 of OUAT and went to the last couple of episodes before getting into season 2 but im thinking about changing that and doing more episodes  from, season 1. But the next chapter will defiantly be up tonight! Remember to comment and vote on  this story!


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