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Not wanting to make eye contact with her, I turned my head slowly, very slowly, so that I could at least catch a glimpse of her. I missed the way she said my name. As weird as that may sound, being best friends...we just had a special connection.

Now I've found someone I share an even more special connection with. Tom.

"Where the hell have you been?" The sudden aggressiveness in her voice made me jump. My eyes were nearly filling with tears, but I remembered that Tom was behind me, and I had him for extra support. I'm surprised no one had screamed yet. As I was about to say something at last, a sudden wave of panic burst through me and I felt my temperature rising. See what being nervous does to me?!

"Octavia..." my voice was dry and croaky, hardly anything came out but a faint whisper.

"Oh what you couldn't face me alone so you brought someone with you?" Those harsh words stabbed me like a bloody knife to the chest. I thought she would be pleased to see me.

"No, I needed to come and speak to yo....."

"IT'S BEEN NEARLY 6 MONTHS SINCE YOU'VE BEEN HERE IVORY. 6 MONTHS, AND NOW YOU JUST RANDOMLY DECIDE TO SHOW UP OUT OF THE BLUE?!" I heard the door slam, I wasn't looking up, I couldn't look her in the eyes especially with my teary eyes. Expecting her to have gone back inside the classroom, I looked up out of the corner of my eye to find her standing there all innocent and elegant with one leg bent and her arms crossed trying to look all sophisticated. I know she is 2 years older than me but come on! "6 months." She repeated, whispering.

No. No surely not! No. No. No. Really? 6 months?! No. No it can't be. That's too long! Far too long.

"I need to talk to you about something. It's urgent." I said with a little outburst of courage, still looking down at my worn-out blue Converse shoes.

"Oh I know why you're here. I know exactly why you're here. And you!" I wondered who she was talking about so I looked up to find her gazing at Tom....and smiling. SMILING?! WHY WOULD SHE BE SMILING AT HIM? I felt rage build up inside me as I looked into her eyes, still as blue as ever, but there was something else there. "Yeah, yeah it was me before you ask. I took that picture." She smirked. I breathed a sigh of relief as she confirmed it.

"I knew it. And yeah," I looked up as she stared at me, her eyes beaming with joy as she could see I was getting annoyed. ",yeah that's why I'm here."

"Go on then. You have ten seconds to explain yourself." She said, her somewhat posh accent taking over.

"Why do it?" Simple as. My body tensed up as she quietly laughed and shook her head. I was still gathering my thoughts together. What was so funny?

"Why do it? Well Ivory, because I want to know what your little game is."

"What little game?"

"'Heart-throb diver caught in the act with mysterious girl? 'Ardly mysterious is it love?" Octavia threw a piece of paper at me. It was a small paper extract of me and Tom. I picked it up and stared at it. Just stared. Thinking if this was all a terrible mistake or not. "You see," she continued, ", I'm not one for my friends lying to me behind my back."

" Lying?!" I asked immediately, frowning.

"Yes, yes lying, Ivory, You see, I got a little jealous." I snorted and smirked.

"You don't say? Jealous of what?"

"Jealous of you and Tom. He should be mine."

"Oh grow up Octavia. How pathetic can you get?"

"Not as pathetic as you as it seems, stealing other people's boyfriends."

"Oh what are you talking about?!" I rolled my eyes and sighed. Her pathetic scale had passed the 100 meter line, for sure.

"Tom Daley. We were young lovers before you interfered. And we still are. Oh by the way, to add in also, me and Tom had to pretend that we didn't know each other in that assembly. I mean, it's not like you would have been jealous then. YOU didn't even know who he was!" My cheeks went red as I worried about what Tom would think of me. I already apologised to him ages ago, but to be quite honest, he must be a little offended.

"I thought you weren't one for lying?" I scowled. Suddenly she let out a right belly laugh, almost nearing a witche's cackle. Anyone would think she's mad!

"I meant other people hunny! Oh, and I erm.....I almost forgot to tell you! I was the one who reported you to the school court! Well I mean, I wouldn't have a slutty little girl like you sneak off in the middle of the night to speak to my boyfriend now would I?"

Just then, all my hope and positive feelings went out the window. My heart.....just sank. I've never felt so heartbroken before. I thought I was being loved and appreciated....I guess not. But by heck did I feel sick. I felt so sick, and mentally and physically. Tom had lied to me too....and that thought set it all off. Teary eyed like never before, I backed off and ran toward the fence, clutching my stomach, leading into the School garden and, with disgust and heartbreak, threw up. I heard the pitter-patter of her high-heeled school shoes approach me.

"Why?" I said breathing heavily between the disgusting spits of bitter-tasting bile.

"I've already told you the reason Ivory."

"I wasn't cheating if that's what you think. I was simply apologising to him. I can explain fully just listen to me-"

"-Oh I know. I followed you there." My heart stopped.

*I went back to my room and stopped at the door. I thought I heard something but I didn't take any notice*

Oh no.

"And you know why I was and still am disappointed in you Ivory-Blue. You let Tom give you his phone number."

"Don't be silly!" He handed my a piece of paper with his number on. "Here's my mobile number. Give me a call and we'll arrange to meet up!"

Oh God. The paper. Tom's number......

*I never thought you would be the sort of person to do that, Ivory." She then handed me a bit of paper. "And, you can take Tom's number and your diving lessons, and go and be selfish somewhere else." I looked at the piece of paper I had in my hand, it was just a scrap bit. I looked at the piece of paper Octavia had given me, it was Tom's number. I must have dropped it when I ran back to our room last night! Not only that, it had a little message on it.

'I'll message you soon about the diving lessons :)-Tom x'

I stared at the paper. All the memories of last night were coming back.

"Tavie please, it's not like that. He wanted to say thank you!"

"For what?"*

"You didn't think you'd actually get away with it did you? And aren't I just fantastic at acting? I'd always knew I would get that A* in Drama."

"But, you was upset. The whole class was crying. Oh my God.....you blamed it on me. You let the whole school think I was some lying little bitch, when it was really y-"

"-really me! yes, I know! Aren't I fantastic?!"

"We were best friends....." I gasped, longing for fresh air to come into my lungs.

"Best friends change, I guess we did."

And with that, I blanked out, my heart scattering across the floor in pieces like a broken glass vase .


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