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The morning after last night was a funny one, I didn't remember much-my head was still throbbing in pain, but the tingling of Tom's lips kept it's well deserved place on mine. Leaning up, I stretched and smiled at Tom who was sound asleep next to me. Quietly creeping out of bed I got dressed, brushed my hair and went downstairs for breakfast chuckling to myself as I could hear Tom's loud snoring. In the kitchen, I poured out some cornflakes and sat at the table, but something caught my eye...the newspaper for today. I know, it sounds boring, but it's the headline that grabbed my attention. I dropped my spoon in shock as the words burned my eyes in anger...


Ohhhhh great.

But note that word, 'witness'. Me and Tom where the only one's there. It was silent. No one else was there! But in this case, there must have been. But who? They must have been very quiet. I wonder.....

"Whatcha got there?" I sudden voice spoke from behind me. Panicking in case it was Tom I closed the paper and practically threw it across the room. 

"Nothing. I-"

"You know, you really should be more careful. My brother is famous and I don't want him being in trouble with some coming and going slut." Disgusted I turned around not caring who it was and saw William. 

"Excuse me William, I am not some 'slut'." I said, my voice croaking. Must have a cold coming on.

"You need to learn to get your facts right."

Sighing and turning back around I replied, "You need to learn to be more polite."

"Hm. Do I now?" I scowled at him as he grabbed the box of cornflakes and walked back out of the room. I swear I even heard him mutter 'bitch' under his breath. Well, he's one to talk! ;)

Imagine if people at school saw this?.....What about Octavia? She was long gone as my best friend by now, but I can't imagine her thinking me and Tom were together. After everything that was said in assembly too. Oh God, and the teachers! What would the teachers think? Butterflies and moths we flying around in my stomach as I realised a lot had happened since then.

Anyway, I don't go to that school anymore. I don't even go to school anymore. That was all in the past behind me, a past which I hope I wont have to relive. How many people had seen today's paper? Hundreds? Millions?.....Billions? I mean, it was a very popular paper, but the thought of the whole of England seeing Tom and me like this just sends thousands of shock waves through my spine. 

I wasn't sure whether to be exited, thrilled or worried/scared as I stared at the huge-ly printed picture  of me and Tom kissing in the swimming pool. 

I tend to notice things, a lot of things. Things that usually many people miss out. Looking at the photo, there's something not right. The angle of the photo taken.....looked like it was coming from behind the diving boards in the hallway of the changing rooms. And out of the corner of my eye, I could see something else. It looked like a red piece of material. Y'know, like a jumper or cardigan. Then it hit me. 

What about if the witness had left something behind? Even the smallest thing might lead to another clue as to who was also at the swimming pool last night.  I needed to wake Tom up, like...NOW.We had a mystery on our hands. 

But on a serious note, the last thing I'm sure we BOTH would want is a tone of rumours and pictures and all sorts being spread around through out the media until it reaches our family and friends. 

"Are you sure this is where the photo was taken Ivory?" Tom questioned. We'd been at the swimming pool for at least 10 to 20 minutes searching everywhere for clues and stuff. I know Tom was a little taken back by the newspaper article, but he soon understood my 'plan'.  

"Tom it's fine! I got this!" 

"You honestly think tha-"

"-SHUT UP AND LOOK I'VE FOUND SOMETHING! TOM DON'T YOU SEE, THIS IS THE RED THING THAT'S IN THE PICTURE!" I frantically felt around in all of my pockets and finally dug out the news paper article. (I ripped out the picture). I bent down and picked up a red wolly fleecce and held it next to the picture carefully comparing the two. Every single detail about it had to be accurate.

"..I...it's a match." Me and Tom high fived and laughed with a certain amount of joy before looking to check for a name in the labels. "There's gotta be a name here somewhere! Check the top back label Ivory." I did as Tom said and stopped in my tracks. There WAS a name yes, but you wouldn't guess for a second who it could possible be, right?

"Erm...Tom...?" I gulped.

"Yeah? What is it? Something wrong?"

"Well, long story short......we have to go back to school. MY school. Tom get your mum's car, and prepare yourself, 'cos this may get messy."

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