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Louis locks up the door, as Harry carries Winter in the capsule. They wait outside Harry's home for a while, before their uber pulls up.

Louis gets into the front, and Harry in the back with Winter. Luckily Winter's capsule was also a car seat, so Harry quickly strapped her in, and they took off to the restaurant.

Louis made conversation with the driver, but was constantly tapping his thigh with his fingers. A nervous habit of his. Harry wishes he knew how to calm him down. But he didn't. Harry honestly didn't know what was happening anymore.

Louis was sad, or nervous, or frustrated all of the time. Harry didn't know whether it was guilt or what. All Harry knew was something was wrong. He bites his lip, and let's Winter play with his finger. Her little hand clinging on to it. He needed to figure out what was going on. But he knows Louis won't tell him. Too proud. Harry gets it, Louis is the Alpha.

The beta driver let's out a cough, causing Harry to look up, and realise they are here. He apologises for the hold up, face turning red, and gets Winter out of the car as quick as possible.

Louis stood at the car door, an amused smile gracing his face. At least that's taken his mind off of the situation for a minute, Harry thinks.

Harry smiles at Louis, "ready to go in?" He asks the Alpha, giving him one last chance to change his mind. But he doesn't. Much to Harry's dismay. He doesn't know how tonight will go. All he knows is his mother is furious!

And Harry didn't tell her Louis would be joining them. Maybe a mistake? Hopefully not. He wants them to make up, he honestly does. But he doesn't blame his mother. Harry would probably still be mad at him if he didn't melt at the sight of him, and if Louis' crying didn't actually make his chest hurt and last but not least he wasn't so deeply in love with him that causing him pain literally kills him inside. Even though it was the Alpahs fault.

They walk inside, and Harry sees his mother already sitting down. She is on her phone, probably texting Gemma, Harry thinks.

They slowly walk up to the table, and Anne must sense it as she looks up. Her eyes widen in confusion, and... Anger?

"What is he doing here?" she mutters through gritted teeth once the three get close enough to her. She sends a nasty glare over to Louis.

"Mum... Louis and I are back together."

She shakes her head, and stands up. "I can't belive this, Harry! After what this useless prick has put you through!" she says, loudly, causing heads to turn to them.

Harry gasps, "mum! How dare you call him that!"

Anne jaw drops, "how dare I call him that?! How dare I call-" she takes a deep breath trying to calm herself, "how dare he fuck someone else when he has a mate, and a child. He probably enjoyed every minute of it, Harry! He had no consideration of your feelings. I can't belive you forgived him that easy Harry!" she grabs her purse, and phone, and storms out of the restaurant. Harry closes his eyes, trying to fight back tears, and looks at Louis who is blushing in embarrassment.

" Let's go, Lou. "
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