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Louis holds his Omega close to him, and breaths in his sweet scent. Louis had only stopped crying not even 10 minutes ago. He feels stupid... Harry is the Omega. Harry is the on that got hurt. Louis doesn't think he is the one who should be upset.

But he is.

He can't stop replaying everything in his mind. All his stupid desicions. He knows the lust part wasn't just that night. It was when they got take away and josoph delivered the food too. He felt immediately attracted to the blonde. The thought alone makes him sick. He would never tell a soul. He couldn't hurt Harry anymore then he already has. But he definitely knows that whatever attraction he did have is gone. He strokes the soft curls, the first thing he noticed about Harry when they met.

"Do you want me to text mum about dinner tonight?" Harry asks, gently.

"Yeah," Louis replies croakily.

Harry smiles up at him, and Louis returns it.

The Omega leans up and pecks Louis' nose, causing the Alpha to scrunch it, and tickle Harry.

Harry let's out giggles, mixed with little squeals, "stop, Lou!" he laughs.

Louis holds his arms up, "sorry, sorry," he chuckles, and places his hands back down on Harry, except not tickling him.

           (... Later that night...)

"Haz... I'm nervous!" Louis whines, completing all the buttons on his shirt.

"No reason to be, babe!" Harry says, pulling up his skinny jeans. Louis turns around and looks at him, eyes raking Harry's long legs.

He licks, and smirks at Harry. "You're so pretty, baby boy." the Alpha walks to the Omega, and licks over the mating mark. Harry shivers, "Lou, not now, later."

Louis kisses Harry's cheek. "Just teasing, baby," he winks, and goes to fix his hair in the mirror.

Harry huffs out a laugh, and dresses Winter. He puts her in a grey jump suit, which has aqua dots on it, and a matching hat.

"Awe baby! Don't you look pretty!" Louis says.

"She does! I'm so glad we got this outfit all those months ago!"

Louis raises an eyebrow, "I wasn't talking about Winter."

Harry blushes, and chokes out a laugh.

"But yes, our baby looks very cute!" Louis tells him, grabbing his wallet. He walks over to Harry who has winter, and kisses them both on the forehead. Winter makes a small sound, that the two fathers coo over.

"I guess we should get going..." Louis says, nervousness kicking in.

Harry nods, "yep! Let's head off, babe!"

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