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(Omg can't believe I'm finally done with book 3. I stand here before you all waiting for you to bow down and kiss the feet of thy speedy-update Queen! Finished the entire last half of the book in a manner of like a week! Don't quote me on that but point is - there better be some major bowing and boot kissing right about now! Jk - but I still rule. Make sure to read the end notes for a further explanation of some of the things that; as audience members who know the truth about Kat, you are privy to. Sorry if any of you didn't like the whole Kat/Crookshanks twist lol no feedback yet so not sure how to interpret it but I liked it and that's all that matters :p - hope you enjoy this last chapter!)

Katrina's POV

"Harry! Katrina!"

Hermione was tugging at my sleeve, staring at her watch. "We've got exactly ten minutes to get back down to the hospital wing without anybody seeing us—before Dumbledore locks the door—"

"Okay," I said, wrenching my gaze from the sky and trying not to focus on my heart breaking. "let's go..."

We slipped through the doorway behind us and down a tightly spiraling stone staircase. As we reached the bottom of it, we heard voices. We flattened ourselves against the wall and listened. It sounded like Fudge and Sev. They were walking quickly along the corridor at the foot of the staircase.

"...only hope Dumbledore's not going to make difficulties," Snape was saying. "The Kiss will be performed immediately?"

"As soon as Macnair returns with the dementors. This whole Black affair has been highly embarrassing. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to informing the Daily Prophet that we've got him at last...I daresay they'll want to interview you, Snape...and once young Harry's back in his right mind, I expect he'll want to tell the Prophet exactly how you saved him..."

I heard Harry clench his teeth as we caught a glimpse of Sev's smirk as he and Fudge passed our hiding place. Their footsteps died away. We waited a few moments to make sure they'd really gone, then started to run in the opposite direction. Down one staircase, then another, along a new corridor—then we heard a cackling ahead.

"Peeves!" I muttered, grabbing Hermione's wrist. "In here!"

We tore into a deserted classroom to our left just in time. Peeves seemed to be bouncing along the corridor in boisterous good spirits, laughing his head off.

"Oh, he's horrible," whispered Hermione, her ear to the door. "I bet he's all excited because the dementors are going to finish off Sirius..." Peeves had never bothered me much and usually left me alone, but I had no doubt that Hermione was right, which made me feel peeved (:p). She checked her watch. "Three minutes!"

We waited until Peeves's gloating voice had faded into the distance, then slid back out of the room and broke into a run again.

"Hermione—what'll happen—if we don't get back inside—before Dumbledore locks the door?" Harry panted.

"I don't want to think about it!" Hermione moaned, checking her watch again. "One minute!"

We had reached the end of the corridor with the hospital wing entrance. "Okay—I can hear Dumbledore," said Hermione tensely. "Come on!"

We crept along the corridor. The door opened. Grandfather's back appeared.

"I am going to lock you in," we heard him saying. "It is five minutes to midnight. Three turns should do it. Good luck."

My grandfather backed out of the room, closed the door, and took out his wand to magically lock it. Panicking, Harry, Hermione, and I ran forward. Dumbledore looked up, and a wide smile appeared under the long silver mustache. "Well?" he said quietly.

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