Chapter 19 ― Zayn

Sometimes you got these impulses that you just couldn’t control. One of these occasions was when I hugged Mila. I just wanted to have her close, to feel her in my arms and it felt so right that I didn’t want to let her go, even when Alex appeared in the scene. That didn’t matter; whoever could see us and think of us didn’t matter because I had her where I wanted.

Normally, I was always conscious about Alex, where she was and if she was noticing me, but whilst I held Mila in my arms, that didn’t matter. I only cared about the short black-haired girl in my arms. And for me that moment was perfect, but it seemed like for her wasn’t like that, considering the way she left me there.

Maybe I was pushing her, maybe it was too sudden for her, considering that she knew I had feelings for Niall’s girlfriend. Maybe she didn’t understand what was happening to me. Certainly, it was strange for me, too, and I felt like everything was happening really fast, the way how Alex and Niall weren’t my biggest problem and how she started to become that. I just knew one thing: I wanted her to know that I had a new interested on her and I was willing to go further with this.

With that on mind, hoping that being close to her would help us all to figure out what was happening, I went after her as she didn’t turned back when I called her, but in the way I didn’t find the petite girl I was looking for, but the boy with the worst timing ever, AKA Harry Styles.

“Are you looking for Mila?” He asked me when we met in the stairs and I just wanted to walk past him.

“Yeah,” I replied quickly but he grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.

“Don’t. She’s clearly not in the mood considering she yelled at me and I don’t think she wants to see you now,” he told me and I looked at him confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked more than intrigued. I thought Mila and I were in good terms, after all, we hadn’t fought in the last twenty-four hours. That had to be a record for us.

“You might not want to accept it, but I know you fancy her. Now, do us all a favour and don’t try anything unless you’re sure you don’t feel anything else for Alex,” he said dead serious, shocking me. “If you don’t do this, Mila will never believe you like her for her, she’ll keep believing you’re using her, because that’s what she thinks now, Zayn.”

“I’m not using her!” I spat, shoving him off. Of course I wasn’t using her, not intentionally. She was helping me to get over all this, but not because I wanted to do that, it was unconscious, it was because my feelings for her were getting stronger and stronger and that made my feelings for Alex go weaker.

I wasn’t using her. I would never do that. She was totally wrong about me if she thought that I could ever use her like that.

“Well, that’s what she thinks and if you try to make a move on her while you still hold feelings for Alex, you will only end up hurting Mila. And I won’t let you do that.” He sounded so severe whilst saying that and I knew he was serious, that he would never let anyone to hurt Mila. He really cared about her and I couldn’t help feeling jealous and a tad bit afraid that those protective feelings from Harry would turn into something different.

I stopped for a second, trying to calm down my mind and everything that was going on inside of me. I didn’t want to hurt Mila and Harry was right that if I tried something with her whilst I still had feelings for Alex, I was only going to hurt the curly-haired girl and that was the least thing I wanted to do.

Harry was right. If I wanted something with Mila, if I really wanted to go deeper into this I was starting to feel for her, I had to completely move on from Alex.

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