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"Babe..." Louis sighs, and continues to feed Winter her bottle whilst talking, "your mum hates me..."

Harry huffs and rolls his eyes, picking up the next piece of clothing to fold. "No... Lou, she doesn't," Harry shakes his head, "She's just a little angry I guess... I honestly don't know how she'll react about us being back together." Harry bites his lip, "I'm sure she'll be fine with it," he nods, almost like he is trying to convince himself, "she loves you."

"she did. Not now. Not after what I did to you..." Louis corrects.

Harry takes a deep breath, "I've forgived you. She'll forgive you. You're the father of her grand child. She can't hate you forever."

"Wouldn't be too sure..." Louis replies, and sets the bottle down after feeding Winter.

Harry leaves the living room, a basket in his hand full of clean washing. He makes his way up the stairs, into his messy room. He packs away the clothes as best as he can, and decides he may change around his room later.

Louis walks into the room, and sets Winter down for her nap.

"What about we take your mum out for dinner?" Louis says, hugging Harry's waist.

"Why, love?" Harry asks, kind of distracted with the putting clothing away.

"I'll buy her dinner, and everything. I'll try to explain... I just want her to forgive me, and trust me."

Harry sighs, and puts down the basket, he walks up to Louis, and puts his hand on his shoulders. Louis' eyes are watery, and he doesn't make eye contact with Harry.

"Look at me, babe..." Harry says, placing a soft hand onto Louis' cheek.

Louis sniffs, and hesitatingly looks at Harry. The younger boy smiles. "I love you. I know how hard you are trying, babe. I appreciate it, so so much. But please, don't stress yourself out too much, Lou. You have been sad lately, and that's just not you. I want you to focus on making sure you're okay. I'm here, babe. I'm not going anywhere. Don't worry about others thoughts on us, okay?"

Louis sighs, and nods. "okay, babe. But I'm so sorry, I never meant any of this," a tear has fallen from Louis' eye now, followed by more. "I love you" he purses his lips.

Harry shakes his head, worry in his eyes, "babe, it's okay. I love you too!"

Louis steps away, and sits on the bed, he buried his head in his hands, and let's out body wrenching sobs. Harry rushes over to him, heart clenching.

"Lou, please stop crying. It's okay, everything is okay..." The Omega kisses him on the forehead, and sighs. "everything is okay," he repeats stroking the Alphas soft, feathery hair.

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