My Love Won't Die! (Ray Ray Love Story)

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Hey readers....guess what?? NERDS NEED LOVE TOO!!! SECOND BOOK IS HERE! well the preview ;) I changed Yesenia's looks as you can see in the cover:

Its been weeks.Search parties have been looking and so have sign of Yesenia Maldona. Ray has been a mess. He doesn't talk to anyone. When Jassie was taken from him with the Tornado and destroyed the house everyone moved. They all decide they will stay in London. Ray just stays at home and cries. He regrets his words to her....

Ray's pov:

I sit and stare at the wall. I drew Jassie on the wall again. But this time when she is smiling. I've helped search for hope. I miss her so much. I've been cutting myself often...because I think back when I keep hurting her. She let go of my hand because I told her...Zonnique was better than her....that we were a mistake...and the worst was I told her to go away....and thats just what she did. I love her more than my life. Why would I ever say that you ask? I was hurt. I really believed she was cheating on me..I didn't want to believe it though. I wanted to believe her but I didn't. When she said she was going to sleep with Roc I wanted to cry...she knows I can't sleep without her. I hated how Roc and her were so close! YESENIA IS MY GIRL NOT HIS! and that thought went to my head. That she was mine. mine only. That night when I slept alone I cried and called her name mutiple times....she never answered. I had a dream that she told me she didn't love me and pushed me away from her and ran. I ran after her but she kept going farther. I called after her but she never looked back. I got on my knees and cried. I began to drown in my own tears. She came back and watched me die....with a smile on her face. I woke up angry so I yelled at her and told her all those things. But when that tornado took her away from me...I was dead inside. I just want her back. I want to pour my heart out to her and apologize. But I'm loosing hope. What if she really is gone?

Yesenia's pov:

I don't know where I am..I don't know what to do. I can see a crack of light but I can't move. My skin burns as if I had a thousand paper cuts. My back hurts...I think I'm laying on rocks? I wish I were really dead heart is aching. How could he tell me he loves me though do these things? I'm alone. Been here for a long time. Have the forgot about me? I don't know...someone get me out!!!

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