The Patronus

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(This chapter is dedicated to NyxTheSnitch for suggesting a great way to describe how Kat feels about her Boggart thanks!)

Katrina's POV

Harry and Ron knew that Hermione had meant well, but that didn't stop them from being angry with her. As far as Ron was concerned, the stripping-down of a brand-new Firebolt was nothing less than criminal damage.

Hermione, who remained convinced that she had acted for the best, started avoiding the common room. I let her spend time in my room or joined her in the library since I wasn't childish enough to let a broom come in between me and one of my best friends!

All in all, we were glad when the rest of the school returned shortly after New Year, and Gryffindor Tower became crowded and noisy again.

Oliver sought Harry and I out on the night before term started.

"Had a good Christmas?" he said, and then, without waiting for an answer, he sat down, lowered his voice, and said, "I've been doing some thinking over Christmas, Harry, Katrina. After the last match, you know. If the dementors come to the next one...I mean...we can't afford you to—well—"

Oliver broke off, looking awkward.

"We're working on it," said Harry quickly. "Professor Lupin said he'd train us to ward off the dementors. We should be starting this week. He said he'd have time after Christmas."

"Ah," said Oliver, his expression clearing. "Well, in that case—I really didn't want to lose you as Seeker, Harry. Nor you as a chaser, Kat. And have you ordered new brooms yet?"

"No," said Harry.

"What! You'd better get a move on, you know—you can't ride those Shooting Stars against Ravenclaw!"

"They got Firebolts for Christmas," said Ron.

"Firebolts? No! Seriously? Real Firebolts?"

"Don't get excited, Oliver," said Harry gloomily. "We haven't got them anymore. They were confiscated." And he explained all about how our Firebolts were now being checked for jinxes.

"Jinxed? How could they be jinxed?"

"Sirius Black," Harry said wearily. "He's supposed to be after me and Kat. So McGonagall reckons he might have sent them."

Waving aside the information that a famous murderer was after his Seeker and chaser, Oliver said, "But Black couldn't have bought Firebolts! He's on the run! The whole country's on the lookout for him! How could he just walk into Quality Quidditch Supplies and buy broomsticks?"

"I know," said Harry, "but McGonagall still wants to strip them down—"

Oliver went pale.

"I'll go and talk to her, Harry," he promised. "I'll make her see reason...Firebolts...real Firebolts, on our team...She wants Gryffindor to win as much as we do...I'll make her see sense. Firebolts..."

Classes started again the next day. The last thing anyone felt like doing was spending two hours on the grounds on a raw January morning, but Hagrid had provided a bonfire full of salamanders for our enjoyment, and we spent an unusually good lesson collecting dry wood and leaves to keep the fire blazing while the flame-loving lizards scampered up and down the crumbling, white-hot logs.

The first Divination lesson of the new term was much less fun; Professor Trelawney was now teaching us palmistry, and she lost no time in informing Harry and I that we had the shortest life lines she had ever seen.

It was Defense Against the Dark Arts that Harry and I were keen to get to; after our conversation with Oliver, we wanted to get started on our anti-dementor lessons as soon as possible.

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