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"Yo, Stacey, your boyfriend is here!" I hear Anna yell a few weeks later as I sat in my room reading a book. Yes, I know, a book. I haven't read a book since... well, since the Dread Doctors, I've been scared to read a book ever since; but now that I'm far away from Beacon Hills, I know that I'm semi-safe.

I quirk an eyebrow, why is Stiles here? Usually, Stiles would give me a text if he's here. I pressed my lips together and I closed my book firmly and left it on my bed before walking out of the room, down the mini hallway, and to the door.

There was Stiles, looking frantic and worried. "Stiles?" I asked softly, his eyes snapped over to me, his eyes soften. He smiled.

"Hey, hi, um, sorry I know I usually give you a heads up before coming I just... it's really important." Stiles stuttered, lacing his own hands together. His eyes flickered behind me, I turned around and saw my roommates watching Disney.

"Is it related to... you know?" I turn back to Stiles who nodded slowly. "Okay," I breath, I take his hand and pulled him out to the driveway, closing the door behind me and we walked to my car. I hop into the drivers and he hops in the passenger. "Spill the tea sis."

Stiles frowned. "What-"

"Sorry, I've been hanging around those girls too much," I mutter. Apparntly, when you don't fight Supernatural to save your life, you watch YouTube. I didn't know what that was until I moved here. I've missed out on so much.

"Okay, whatever," Stiles quickly said. "I found out what Scott's been hiding from us." I widen my eyes.

"Come on, let's hear it." I encouraged, sitting up a little bit.

"Okay, so there's been a war going on between the Hunters and them. Hunters meaning Gerard and his army, Malia finally caved in and told me. Lydia's went to the hospital, she was shot, Stacey." Stiles sighed, running a hand through his hair. "I think we need to go and help him."

"Oh, I agree fully," I say, nodding.

"So... we're leaving now." Stiles agreed.

"What? It's Friday," I point out. "I have work." I work in a small store down the road, even though it's dead half of the time, I still enjoy it because it's supernatural-free. That's when we heard a bang on the window and I screamed, jumping, our eyes widen. I turned around and saw Derek with a seriously pissed off face. I turned on the car and widen down the windows before turning them off.

"Well... that was not expected," Stiles muttered, he opened his door and I opened mine, climbing out.

"Hello, Miguel," I say. "How the hell did you find us?"

"I have your scent locked." Derek rolled his eyes. His eyes flickered over to Stiles. "You two..." he muttered. "Anyways, did you hear about Beacon Hills? It's turned into a war zone."

"I was just telling her about it." Stiles shrugged. Derek folds his arms.

"I'm coming with you two," Derek insists.

"Coolio," I grin. "We're leaving now apparently. But can I get my phone first, please?" They both nodded and followed me into the house, as soon as I opened the door the three girls looked in my direction, Georgia's eyes widen.

"Whoa," she mutters, her eyes looking up and down at Derek. "Who's this, Macey?" I rolled my eyes.

"It's Stacey," Derek quickly corrected, folding his arms once again. I smirk a little.

"Everyone, this is Miguel. Miguel, this is everyone." I say I hate introducing people to people. "Miguel, mingle." I grin, he looked over at me. "See what I did there?"

"Get your phone McCall," Derek scoffed.

"Sorry, sour wolf," I say sarcastically, before skipping off to my room. I quickly grabbed my phone and ran back into the other room. "So, guys... I'm going back to Beacon Hills for a bit, something super important just popped up."

"What's so important that you have to skip work?" Georgia asks, leaning forward a little in the lounge chair. "Is there a party there?" She gasps. "Can we come?!"

"No," I say bluntly. "Not that its any of your business anyways, uh, Scott's in hospital." I lied, chewing on my lower lip.

"Oh, okay," Anna softly said, nodding understandingly. "Tell him we say hi!"

I smiled a little. "Will do!" I waved before I drag the boys out of the car.

"I'm driving," Derek says. "It's been a while since I've driven her." I scoffed and chucked him the keys and he easily catches the keys. "Thanks,"

"Stiles you're in the back seat."

"What? Why?" He whined, pouting and I grabbed his hand.

"So I can cuddle up to you," I say in a duh tone.

"Alright fine."

"Be there in a minute, I need to call my boss and semi-explain why I won't show up to work," I tell them and they both nodded, before turning back to the car. I called up my boss. She's cool, her and I get along well. She ended up picking up which was good. "Hey, Becks,"

"Hey, Stacey, I was just thinking of you!"

Okay, cool, not creepy.

I smiled anyway. "I'm really sorry Becks, I can't make work this weekend. My twin brother is in the hospital and he's in serious condition and my Mum needs my support and..."

"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry, say no more! It's fine love, I'll get someone else to do your job." Becks says kindly. I grinned. My lied pulled off. "Be there with your twin, tell him I say get well soon!"

"Will do Becks, thanks again,"

"Bye, sweetie!"

I hang up quickly, shoving my phone into my pocket and walked over to the car. Stiles was sitting there in the back with Derek in the front, waiting for my arrival. I opened the door and grinned, sliding in next to Stiles. "Let's hit the road, baby!"

A/N sorry for this short chapter, the next one should HOPEFULLY be longer. I love you guys sm thank you for your love and support and omg the final is coming up ._. LOVE YOU GUYS!

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