Shitty Party

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I yawned as I woke up in the room fit for a Barbie dream house, Dan opening the door just in time. "Good morning, how did you sleep?"

"Good, though the dolls kinda give me the creeps." I laughed.

"Yeah, they freak me out too." Dan shrugged, "I brought you one of your favorites." It was a waffle with whipped cream and lots of syrup.

"Thanks, do you have work today?" My first day in the house would be lonely.

"Yes, but I was thinking that you should come with me, the doctor said that you shouldn't be left alone." I nodded and Dan left to let me get ready. I took a bite of the waffle, damn it was good.

-time-skip to the precinct-

Walking into the precinct was quite the experience, many stares were either friendly, curious, or just down right angry. Dan has explained to me that my ex wasn't the best person and most of his co-workers thought the same of me. Dan showed me where his desk was and I was quick to sit down while he talked to other officers. Suddenly, a man leaned against the desk.

"(Y/N), nice to see you're back, gosh, I haven't seen you since you're twenty second birthday." He was blonde and a missing tooth, some kind of officer from the uniform. "How long was that? About 2 years ago am I right?" Even how he talked was ugly.

"Sir would you please back away from the young lady." I looked to the man who intervened, black hair and in a suit, I could sense some kind of accent.

"Now why would I do that? I'm just talking to a friend." He put his arm around me and I pulled away quickly.

"Judging by the poor girls face, you're making her uncomfortable, please remove you're arm and walk away." The man smirked devilishly.

"Make me." The ugly dude stood to fight.

"You don't want to fight me." My savior growled.

"Bring it."

"Lucifer!" Dan walked over to us, the other guy ran off, scared of Dan I guess.

"Hello detective douche." The man that I could guess was Lucifer waved at my brother.

"What are you doing talking to my sister?" Dan looked angry, what did this guy do to him?

"She's your sister? I must say, she is much more attractive than you." Lucifer chuckled, I couldn't help but grin, it was kinda funny.

"Yeah and I don't want you talking to her."

"Calm down douche, I don't bite." Lucifer winked at me and I blushed a little. He was kinda cute.

"Not yet you don't." Dan seemed to shield from him, but Lucifer was interesting.

"Lucifer c'mon." Chloe called from across the precinct. Lucifer looked over to her and waved at me and Dan. As he left, Dan turned to me.

"Don't talk to him (Y/N), he's dangerous." Dan seemed more angry than serious

"Why though?"

"He's just not a good person, promise me you won't talk to him."

"Dan, I can't even remember last week, I can't keep a promise."

After a few boring hours of waiting for something to happen (fun fact Dan just sits at the computer until he gets a call) the phone on the desk finally rang.

"Yes! Let's go solve some crimes!" I jumped up from the chair.

"Calm down its just a homicide." Dan said and grabbed his car keys.

"Sure because it's such a calm situation." I rolled my eyes and followed Dan to the car.

Now this is the part of the story where I was supposed to be cool and solve a crime, but turns out if you don't have a badge and aren't a victim/witness, you can't actually go to the scene, you have to sit outside. Even worse, when you lose your memory in a traumatic incident, you break phone so bad that it doesn't work so you have nothing to do while sitting there. I sighed as a car passed, wishing I could drive away from this bullshit. I was just kinda spacing out until I felt someone sit beside me. It was Lucifer.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Asked looking at him.

"Decker and I got the call to come investigate, I got kicked out." He didn't seem to sad about it.

"Well welcome to the party, I can't even go inside." I sighed and rested my chin against my hand.

"I'm Lucifer by the way, detective douche interrupted me earlier." He smiled and held his hand out for me to shake.

"I'm (Y/N), I wanted to talk to you too, but dainty dick Dan wouldn't let me, he told me you were dangerous."

Lucifer erupted with laughter, "Dainty dick Dan, that's good." He had tears and was wiping them as he laughed. Once he stopped laughing, we both had nothing to say, it was dead silent.

Lucifer looked at, "This is pretty boring huh? Let's get out of here." I nodded yes and we got into his Cadillac.

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