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PHOENIX TOLD RAVEN that she thought Octavia was missing the next morning after searching all over the camp for her. Raven then relayed the information to Bellamy, who was surprised to hear about his sister. He would've assumed that she was off in the butterfly field, but Phoenix already looked there.

Bellamy had rounded up Clarke, deciding to get a search party ready. Phoenix grabbed one of the packs that Wells had designed, stuffing the makings of a tent into it. Just as she slung it over her shoulder, Bellamy walked over to her.

"You're not going with us," he informed her.

She glared at him, wanting to protest but found herself unable to. So, she settled for folding her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow, daring him to tell her why.

"I don't want you near the grounders," he explained with a stern look. "It's too dangerous. You're going with Raven and Clarke to find a transmitter for the radio, or you can stay here."

Phoenix merely rolled her eyes before walking over to the aforementioned blonde and brunette. They were patiently waiting for her, both offering smiles once she approached them. Before they left, Aya ran up to them. Phoenix clenched her jaw, trying to ignore her sister's presence. Since when did it take three people, let alone four, to go find a transmitter? Her inner dialogue kicked in, irritated that Aya seemed to be up her ass now.

The four set off on their own journey as the group Bellamy rounded up set off on theirs. Phoenix glanced back at them as they took off in different directions, wondering why he was adamant about her not going. He did ask for a second chance, and she figured this was his way of showing her that he does care.

Suddenly, she felt terrible for not giving Aya a second chance. She gave Bellamy, a man she hardly knew, one. So why not her own sister? Phoenix knew that Aya was dying to talk to her, just like every time she would visit her cell when they were still on the Ark. There was no point in prolonging it, she knew that. But, part of her truly didn't want Aya around.

"Can we talk?" Aya asked as she and Phoenix fell back from the two other girls. "Well, I'll talk anyway."

Phoenix nodded, allowing Aya to keep talking. She braced herself for a poor excuse but was surprised when she saw that Aya was on the verge of tears, "I didn't want to give you up. But, it was getting harder to hide you. One of the neighbors were suspicious, and that's what led to the inspection. I was so scared for what would happen to you if you were found after you turned eighteen. They would've floated you. If you were found before then? You would've had a chance."

There it was. The excuse that she was using was that it was for Phoenix's protection. Once the words left her mouth, Phoenix almost stopped walking but figured she would let Aya continue to explain.

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