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❝ so dim that spotlight, tell me things likei can't take my eyes off youi'm no one special,  just another wide-eyedgirl who's desperately in love with you ❞

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so dim that spotlight, tell me things like
i can't take my eyes off you
i'm no one special,  just another wide-eyed
girl who's desperately in love with you

The trip to Vegas was a pain in the ass. I spent the next few days knee deep in work, rushing out everything before I had to leave.

It also didn't help that my brother wanted to know every detail on what happened. He called me every day, insisting that I was hiding something from him.

I felt like I was being pulled in a hundred different directions in LA.

So when I landed in Vegas, I was finally free from all my responsibilities.

My heart felt so much lighter.

Eldori sent us the address of the show the day before so I went there right from the airport.

My stomach was churning for some reason and I felt slightly light-headed.

What was this? Was I nervous? Excited?

The car pulled up in front of a massive building.

I opened the door and got out, taking in the sight of the beautiful marble building in front of me.

My heels clicked against the floor as I entered, and I found people rushing everywhere inside.

Someone was shouting about microphones, another was carrying a large speaker while others were talking into walkie-talkies.

My gaze searched for a familiar face, someone I could talk to, and it fell onto Liam.

He was sitting in front of a mirror while a woman styled his hair.

His lips curved into a slow, heart-stopping smile when he saw me. He stood up, ignoring the woman's protests and came to me.

"You look different," he said when he was near enough.

"Considering I had my hair up in a ponytail the last time I saw you, that isn't too surprising."

"You look better with your hair down."

The searing intensity in his eyes told me I looked more than just better.

I averted his gaze, trying to hold on to the anger I felt towards him for lying.

But it was fading because I didn't blame him, not really. I understood why he did it. I would've done the same if I was in his position.

"Oh, and I tried to get you a room in the hotel I was staying in," Liam said, "but it's full. Do you mind sharing with me?"

I choked on my saliva. "It's alright. I won't be staying the night."

He look at me, confusion etched on his face. "I thought you said you'd stay for all my shows."

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